Thursday, November 6, 2014

amiibo + Hyrule Warriors = scam

The worst case scenario for amiibo integration in Hyrule Warriors would have been locking content like costumes or weapons. And I can't believe that Nintendo went this route.

This is just utterly disappointing. I love Hyrule Warriors and I want every content out of it. What I don't want, is buying amiibos. They look terrible and I feel like I'm too old for buying toys like this. With Smash and Mario Kart they only add some optional mechanics, where I easily can ignore them. But locking the Spinner, unless you buy the Link figurine, is a vile marketing move to make you buy these figurines.

Why did it have to be Hyrule Warriors? Of all the games, which have amiibo support, it seems to be only one, where they didn't come up with some fitting ideas for the toys and just made some exclusive unlockable content. There would have been many different many ways to make amiibos work with Hyrule Warriors without locking actual content. Make the amiibo your virtual coop buddy, who helps you with difficult missions. This could be worthwhile in many cases, where an A rank is hard to get. But you wouldn't have to buy the amiibo to score the A-ranks, it's just making things easier, like the coop mode.

And what does the Spinner have to do with the figurine, besides the fact that it's used by Link? Absolutely NOTHING! This is not the way amiibos should be used.

I hope that it's a one time unlock. So, I can buy a figurine, unlock the weapon and then sell it again. But in any case this is not acceptable. I can't even be happy about the Majora's Mask news, because I'm so mad about this. And it probably won't stop there. There most likely will be exclusive weapons for Zelda, Ganondorf and Sheik as well in the future.


Lankelink said...

The TP DLC pack comes with a new weapon, right? What if this is just an alternative way to obtain the weapon for those who don't buy the DLC? This is a weapon which can perfectly fit in the TP pack, so I really think (and hope) people with the DLC will also obtain this weapon

TourianTourist said...

That would be fair, but I really doubt it.

They want you to buy amiibos at all cost and this is what happening.