Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hyrule Warriors used to include Tingle

According to the hacker crediar, the game code of Hyrule Warriors references to Tingle and the Tingle Balloon as a weapon. There was also a second weapon for Midna simply called "hair":

Looking at code of #HyruleWarriors I found some disturbing text strings: action/model/C_TINGLE.bin.gz action/model/W_TINGLE_BALLOON.bin.gz
There is one more: "101_dark_tingle_00" And also there seems to be a 2nd weapon for midna: action/model/W_MIDNA_HAIR.bin.gz

We already knew from E3 that Midna was going to get a 2nd weapon, which never made it into the full game. The question is, if this is scrapped or unfinished content. If the latter applies, we are looking at the DLC here.

I cannot deny that Tingle would offer an unique moveset. I even had the same idea for him in one of my earlier speculation posts about the character roster. But with the roster getting slimmer, I was hoping that he wouldn't take a spot over Fierce Deity Link.

But I can probably give up my hopes on that. They might even use Fierce Deity Link as a selling point for the sequel... because what other super awesome badass characters would be left? They have Imbadorf here and they need something good for Hyrule Warriors 2.

And I'm not opposed to Tingle, so I wouldn't mind his inclusion, might be even a lot of fun.

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