Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Yeto as DLC?

So, right now I actually hope for Yeto in the Twilight Princess DLC:

There are two good reasons for this. One is the weapon element, where we really could use another good water moveset (which would in his case be more ice based). So far every element has seen at least one new DLC weapon, except for the water element. He'd have the weapon type "Fish" with Reekfish and Hylian Loach being different tiers. He also would be another heavy hitter with 650 maximum base damage (like Ganondorf and Darunia). I'm hoping for this, because he might be helpful with A ranking the Boss Rush. Water users there do a lot more damage, but I don't think that any of the existing water movesets are sufficient for the battle. Maybe Yeto could make this mission somewhat easier.

And so far Koei Tecmo kept a good balance with the elements and damage values. I guess that Tingle would be a fire element user (dropping Tingle Bombs) with 550 maximum base damage (this is the lowest value, so far only Ruto and Fi have this). Skull Kid would probably be yet another darkness user with 600 damage to be in the middle of all that. And with Midna's hair and the Spinner there are also additional Light and Lightning weapons. But of course the first DLC round already has messed up the element balance, so it might not be that perfect. But I know that the game could use another water weapon and two more characters in the damage extremes.

The other reason for Yeto would be having the Snowpeak Ruins stage. The upcoming DLC really needs some new stages and Snowpeaks Ruin is the one location left from Twilight Princess, which really would make a good battlefield addition. Right now only Lake Hylia offers a small ice portion with Zora's Realm and it would be cool to have a full ice stage, because we don't have this yet. We got forests, mountains, caves, deserts, temples and all the typical Zelda stuff, except for an ice area. Well, and Clocktown would offer a full town as a battlefield in the Majora's Mask pack to complete the picture.

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