Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Back from the Wild

For the past two months I have been dedicated to my Adventure Log series for Breath of the Wild, where I have been playing the game and blogging about it in great detail.

For all this time this blog has been on shutdown mode. It was important to me and still is that I figure everything out on my own and that I'm not told by others what to do in the game or how the game works. Even if I struggle to find stuff or misunderstand things, it was all part of the experience. I know that people might only mean well, when they are trying to help, but for me it's only a true classic gaming experience, if I have to discover it all by myself.

The only things that I had looked up were the ghost chests, because this had been driving me crazy, and the amiibo rewards, because I'm not very patient with random stuff. I've also learned some things from Skype contacts and got occasionally spoiled on Twitter (e.g. someone showing the completed Key Items menu), but that couldn't be helped. Otherwise I have been going "blind". No guides, no GameFAQs, no nothing. And it was a blast!

Now I'm close to completing this game, "only" about 250 Koroks left to find and a hand full of minor tasks. And it's finally time to return back to business with Hyrule Blog, where I want to talk about the game in other ways. I want to speculate about the (2nd) DLC, suggest small improvements and review the game in various ways. Originally I wanted to wait, until I've did everything except for the 900 Koroks, but it seems like Nintendo didn't want to wait as long, because they dropped the bomb about the first DLC today, revealing all its contents. So, I suppose, it's time to get back to normal, whether I want to or not!

The Adventure Log series will continue nonetheless, even if posts will be less frequent.


Lankelink said...

Reading your experiences with the game was really enjoyable! I can't wait to read your opinion of the game and the announced DLC. I also would like to ask you to give some advice about where to get some of the materials needed to upgrade the armors. Like what do you usually farm when there is a blood moon.


Outburst said...

Me and my kids are way, way behind you in working through this game, but I've enjoyed reading your exploits, and appreciate the spoiler-secured sections.
We only play a couple hours a week so I can see us playing this for a long time without coming close to completing it. That's quite refreshing because I have bought my kids $50-$50 games in the past that they beat in a few hours and never touched again. BOTW is amazingly huge and full of constant surprises.