Sunday, May 7, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 32

In my last entry I told you, how lucky I was with getting Star Fragments from fighting Silver Lynels - it even felt like a 50% chance at the time. But it looks like I'm down on my luck, I haven't gotten any Star Fragments from Silver Lynels in a while now, even after fighting over a dozen of them. According to this research the chance of getting a Star Fragment is at 5% - so much for my estimate. It's even lower with amiibo, where it's at 1% or 2%. Talk about grinding!

At least my collection of Savage Lynel Bows is getting more impressive every day. Meanwhile I had a total of eight of them with the Five-Shot Burst weapon bonus:

Combined with over 800 Shock Arrows and over 100 Ancient Arrows I could probably destroy an entire army of Guardians. Bring it on, game!

Since I got asked this, after a Blood Moon I usually fight the same four Silver Lynels: the two at Oseira Plains (near the Ishto Soh Shrine) and the two in North Akkala, north of the Spring of Power. I've also went through the Deplian Badlans yesterday and fought all four Silver Lynels there, but this area doesn't have an easy access via warp points and there is a long walk between each Lynel. This reminds me, when I made my first tour around Death Mountain, desperately looking for a shrine. Well, there wasn't one here. I still hope that the second DLC will provide some additional shrines in certain places, because some areas really could use the warp points.

I don't like fighting the Lynels in cold areas, because I'm restricted to that ugly Rito Armor, but sometimes I just go for the three in Tabantha Tundra anyway. The ones on top of Gerudo Highlands seem rather impractical, so does the one at Tarm Point. And I usually forget about the one at the Purifier Lake and any others that I haven't mentioned here. But if I ever want to speed things up with the Star Fragments, I'd probably go for them all. Right now I'm still focused on other tasks than just the grinding.

Dog Chests

While the Silver Lynels weren't as generous this week, I did have some luck finding Star Fragments by feeding dogs, though. I didn't know this before today, because I never really bothered with befriending dogs besides feeding them maybe once or twice. Turns out that the third time is the charm. Then they bring you to one NEW treasure chest each, which weren't there before. While I don't like, how this "breaks the rules", because chests normally don't just appear out of nowhere in this game, the dog chests at Lurelin Village and the Snowfield Stable did give me a Star Fragment each, which is nice.

Hero's Path to Nowhere

My main goal this week was still finding the two remaining Hinox, Talus and Side Quests, but I didn't have much success on that front. I only found one more Stalnox at the East Akkala Plains. I keep studying the map for "empty spaces", ideally ones that are named, but mostly I just end up in areas that really seem to be completely empty. Taafei Hill for example. Or the Zodobon Highlands. Okay, the latter has one of the Zora Stone Monuments, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be anything up there on the hill, not even a Korok. And that's kind of frustrating, but at least the East Akkala Plains didn't let me down.

Right now I could really use the Hero's Path Mode to see, which areas I haven't explored in full detail in the last hundred hours. When the first DLC gets released, it's probably too late...

Completing Hyrule Compendium, Part 1

Since my search for the remaining side quest stuff didn't go so well, I focused a lot more on completing Hyrule Compendium and gradually improving the picture quality:

My goal is to only buy the pictures at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, if it's really necessary. I already had finished the "Treasure" section (no big deal, it only has four entries) and the "Monster" section, where I had to buy the picture for Master Kohga a while ago. This weekend I completed the "Materials" section, as well as the "Equipment" section.

For the "Materials" I was only missing the Big Hearty Truffle, where you can find some around Mount Satori or the Minshi Woods. For the "Equipment" I had to track down the following weapons:

  • Traveler's Claymore - can be found on the field east of Dueling Peak's Stable
  • Spiked Moblin Club - got that from a Stal Moblin
  • Serpentine Spear - Bokoblins use them at the horseback archery circle near Hateno
  • Forest Dweller's Sword - at the Test of Wood
  • Spring Loaded Hammer - completely forgot about it

However, there were also four Weapon pictures that I simply couldn't get anymore and I had to buy them:

  • Lynel Spear
  • Mighty Lynel Crusher
  • Mighty Lynel Spear
  • Mighty Lynel Bow

The entire Mighty Lynel weapon series is out of reach at the end of the game. It seems like you can't obtain any of it, since the only remaining Blue Lynel in one of the Hyrule Castle Gatehouses doesn't drop its equipment. There's still the Red Lynel on top of Ploymus Mountain, but it only ever uses Sword, Shield and Bow, so you can't get the Lynel Spear or the Lynel Crusher. I only have a really bad picture of the latter (see the above image) and won't be able to improve this for now, which is a shame.

Maybe the DLC will help and you can find all types of Lynels with all the weapons in the Trial of the Sword. However, like with Eventide Island you will probably lose all the equipment, as soon as you leave the trial. Since this Trial of the Sword doesn't take place in the "real world", you wouldn't be able to bring the weapons outside for some nice photos. And it's not even clear, if you actually can use the Sheikah Slate inside the trial.

Apropos Eventide Island, I went back there looking for some of the weapons and for some reasons all the treasure chests on and around the islands were back, containing early game weaponry like Soldier's Swords. I'm not sure, if this is a bug or if this is intended, but it keeps happening. It would be cool, if you actually could repeat the trial just for fun. Then I even would understand, why the treasure chests keep coming back.

Anyhow, now I'm only missing eight "Fauna" pictures in the "Creatures" section of Hyrule Compendium. At least half of them seem to be tiny birds like Sparrows, so I will keep donning my Sheikah gear for the sneaky snaps...

PS: I found my 666th Korok at Eastern Abbey. This can't be coincidence, I still don't like this devilish place from the early game, even though it's a complete joke now.

Current Progress:
  • Main Quests: 15/15
  • Side Quests: 74/76
  • Shrine Quests: 42/42
  • Shrines: 120/120
  • Koroks: 668/900
  • Talus: 38/40
  • Hinox: 39/40
  • Molduga: 4/4
  • Compendium: 377/385
  • Map Rate: 80.72%

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