Friday, May 26, 2017

E3 2017 Predictions

The E3 2017 will be happening from June 13th to 15th and while Nintendo will probably set a big focus on Super Mario Odyssey, there's still more that we could and should expect from Nintendo's announcements. Here is a list of predictions about topics that are of interest for Hyrule Blog.

Breath of the Wild Aftermath

Breath of the Wild is one of Nintendo's biggest and most acclaimed games ever made, which has created quite the phenomenon. And while Nintendo already dedicated the entire last year's E3 to this game and the game already has been released for three months now, it's still possible that Nintendo will make some additional announcements for Breath of the Wild at E3 2017.

Other than a release date for the first DLC Pack, they could announce a line of Champion amiibo that are going to be released on the same day as the DLC. Make more money out of this game. They could also showcase the first DLC in their Treehouse Livestream, playing the Trial of the Sword or Hard Mode.

The real big announcement, however, would be an Anime Movie based on Breath of the Wild coming to cinemas later this year to reach an even broader audience with the new Zelda phenomenon.

Smartphone Zelda

Other than potentially making movies, Nintendo's plans for reaching a broader audience manifested already in the realm of Smartphone gaming. Pokémon Go, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes were a solid beginning and according to the latest rumors a Zelda Smartphone game will follow later this year.

Such a game would probably utilize the classic top down perspective and the touch-only controls of the Nintendo DS Zelda games. But it could work out just fine and create a nice Zelda game on the go. If this is really happening, we will learn about it at E3 2017!

Additionally, Nintendo could announce a "Nintendo Phone" developed in cooperation with Apple to attract the Nintendo fans, who haven't been really into Smartphone gaming until now.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

This already has been discussed last year as Super Smash Bros. for NX, but after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe it shouldn't come as a surprise, if Nintendo announces a new version of Super Smash Bros. 4 as well.

This new version would come with all previous DLC, as well as all stages of both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U version. The 3DS stages would be graphically enhanced for this purpose. Additionally there could be new stages and fighters, as well as some returning characters, e.g. Wolf or the Ice Climbers (which now wouldn't be effected by any technical limitations anymore).

The Smash Run and Smash Tour modes would be gone (to keep something exclusive to the previous versions) and replaced by something more similar to the Adventure Mode or Subspace Emissary.

As for new fighters, the Inklings from Splatoon and maybe also a character from ARMS like Spring Man or Ribbon Girl come to mind. And of course there would have to be a new Fire Emblem character based on Fire Emblem Echoes.

Talking about clones, for the current Zelda hype they could also introduce a "Wild Link", who uses different techniques based on Breath of the Wild for his specials. For example the Up Special could utilize Revali's Gale and the Paraglider, while the Bombs would be the one from the Sheikah Slate. As the Ultra Smash he could even fire an Ancient Arrow at his opponents. But knowing the Smash development team, they would probably just bring back Young Link and don't give him any new moves.

Another possibility would be finally a new character from the Metroid franchise, where Sylux could advertise a potential Metroid Prime 4 (see below).

Fire Emblem Warriors

The team, who made Hyrule Warriors, is currently developing Fire Emblem Warriors for the Switch and it's probably too early to expect any news about a potential Hyrule Warriors 2. However, it will be interesting to see, what they are capable of doing with the Nintendo Switch.

New Game by Retro Studios / Metroid

We still don't know, what Retro Studios has been up to ever since Tropical Freeze. In the recent news, it has been announced that Alexander Brandon will compose the score for their next game. This got me pretty excited, because together with Michiel van den Bos he made the extraordinary soundtrack of Unreal and Unreal Tournament, which is my only other long time favorite video game series next to Zelda. It also means that the soundtrack might end up being somewhat futuristic.

Also, Kensuke Tanabe had talked quite a lot about a potential Metroid Prime 4 in the past and Metroid Prime: Federation Force teased the potential plot of the game even further. So, there's a good chance that we're going to see Metroid Prime 4 on Nintendo Switch this E3, which without any doubt would be the big highlight and a big reason to buy the system.

Other rumors have it that there are currently not only one, but two Metroid games in development. And that certainly would be welcome, after the franchise didn't see any major entries on both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The 30th Anniversary of Metroid is also still a thing and it would be nice, if Nintendo acknowledged this somehow at E3, after they failed to do so with the 25th Anniversary of Metroid. Also, the Metroid Prime Trilogy could see an HD Remaster to accompany Metroid Prime 4.

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Eduardo Jencarelli said...

While I'd welcome another Metroid game in the future, I'm in no hurry to play one. I've yet to complete Other M, and I haven't even played Federation Force yet. Given I'm still 100% busy with Breath of the Wild (I've beat the game once already, and am currently at 75% completion), meaning both Metroid titles are on hold until I finish it.

In other words, Nintendo can take their sweet time making a good Metroid game with no announced release date. Breath of the Wild is living proof that a delayed game can bear real fruit.