Saturday, July 8, 2017

Breath of the Wild EX Log, Entry 3

I'm in the middle of hunting down all remaining Koroks in Normal Mode, where I very much underestimated the task of re-exploring the entire world with the Korok Mask equipped. This item should have been there from the beginning, because it's getting quite tiresome. I only found 30 more Koroks since the last post, where it can be frustrating to walk through empty wastelands for hours without finding anything.

And you have to be thorough with this, cover as much ground as possible. This is for example, how the area looks in Hero's Path Mode, after my Korok hunt in the Gerudo Desert:

By the way, there should have been a way to reset the path. When I started re-exploring everything with the Korok Mask equipped, it would have been helpful to start a new Hero's Path to see, where I've been with the mask and where not. With the 200 hours old map data in place this is hard to tell. For me right now this is entirely useless data, because I could have walked by a Korok without noticing it!

Also, I was excited to see, if there are any types of Korok puzzles left that I've completely missed without the mask. So far this doesn't seem to be the case, except for one Korok in Lurelin Village.

Otherwise it's not really the Korok Mask itself, but thoroughly exploring every area inch by inch that does the trick. The Korok Mask simply gave me the incentive to do this. Often, I already see from a distance, when there's another Korok hidden somewhere, even before the Mask is shaking. It's certainly more fun to discover Koroks on your own, but the Mask makes sure that I don't miss anything.

So far I re-explored the Great Plateau, Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Castle Town, Zora's Domain and the Zora River, the Lanayru Wetlands, the Deplian Badlands, the Faron Grasslands and the Gerudo Desert. But I still got ways to go. I bet that most of the remaining Koroks are in the Hebra Mountains, still my least favorite area in the game. But it doesn't seem like I will be starting Master Mode anytime soon.

Sunbathing Stalnox

Anyway, my main achievement for today was finally collecting and upgrading all amiibo armor in the game, after I got the new Link amiibo this week.

The Twilight Princess Link amiibo doesn't give anything new, he works exactly like the Smash Link amiibo. However, he does spawn another Epona, even though I already registered her at the stable. I might want to preserve this behavior just in case, so this amiibo remains useless for now. The Majora's Mask Link and the Skyward Sword Link amiibo gave new gear, though, where I previously gathered all necessary materials to upgrade them (mostly Star Fragments and dragon parts). So, now I finally have completed the task of upgrading all armor in the game:

The Fierce Deity set is certainly a new favorite. I liked the Barbarian set in functionality, but not the looks. So, as a day 1 fan of Fierce Deity this is a welcome alternative, where I will don the outfit to fight Lynels from now on. It's not as good as the Fierce Deity Armor in Tri Force Heroes, though. :D

Current Progress:
  • Koroks: 753/900
  • Map Rate: 87.84%


Lankelink said...

I cannot imagine how one can get all Koroks without a guide, even with the Korok Mask... In my case, I completed first the game while exploring the world looking for Koroks, and after defeating Ganon, I looked in the internet and took a reference map which helped me not only to find the remianing Koroks, but also to discover some places I wouldn't have seen otherwise. With such a big map, I would have lost the motivation without the reference map.

Anyway, I finally got the last Korok yesterday, I thought that was the end of it... but nope, not yet 100% for the map completion. After a LONG time searching in the map, I found the last missing locations. Seriously, this game needs an option to select each region of the map and a counter of Korok seeds and locations discovered.

All I need to do now is to upgrade the remaining armor pieces (soooo many star fragments...) and the last pieces of horse equipment. Great great game!

TourianTourist said...


I will probably also use a reference map for getting the very last Koroks, but I will try to get as many as possible without help. I do agree that there should have been regional counters for various things on the ingame map, though.

And I also might end up with not having a full 100%, after finding all Koroks. What was the last missing location in your case, if I may ask?


Lankelink said...

They were mostly bridges. It seems that I used to cross rivers by swimming/using cryonis instead of using bridges. Last one was East Sokkala Bridge, near Akkala Falls. The only non-bridge location I missed was the Gerudo Canyon Pass, which is obtained when entering the canyon from the Digdogg Suspension Bridge.