Sunday, July 2, 2017

Breath of the Wild: Normal and Master Mode Share Pictures

This is one interesting discovery by Lawaleeth010101 on Reddit. And everyone should be aware of this, if they start Master Mode!!

It seems that Nintendo implemented it so that Normal Mode and Master Mode share the same save data for pictures, probably in an effort to save some disc space required for the DLC. What does this mean? It means that any picture you take in Master Mode potentially overwrites your taken pictures in Normal Mode. For example this is a picture of the Ancient Bow in Normal Mode (as indicated by the lack of a tiny Triforce in the bottom left corner) with a Golden Lynel in the background, which should be impossible:

This happened, because the player took a new shot in Master Mode. Only purchased pictures from Symin are unaffected by this, they stay what they are in both modes. So, you can't use this to get your own pictures in Normal Mode of any entity that you've previously missed there.

How does this work?

Basically any entry in the Compendium is either a reference to the game data pictures (if you purchased it from Symin) or a reference to a picture in a folder on your Wii U / Switch / external hard drive (if you took the picture yourself). That folder of pictures gets shared between the two game modes, so whenever you take a new picture of something, it will also be displayed in the other mode, unless the entry had a reference to the purchased game data pictures.

Your Hyrule Compendium in Master Mode will still be empty in the beginning, because the entries don't have any references yet. So, you will be inclined to start over and take pictures of everything again, but this will overwrite any pictures you took in Normal Mode!! Unless Nintendo decides to fix this horrific behavior, you should be aware of this.

I personally invested quite some time in getting nice pictures on Normal Mode and I probably will just purchase all pictures in Master Mode this time, so nothing gets overwritten. If I ever play the Switch version, I will do it the other way around and take all pictures in Master Mode.

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