Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Grezzo Working on a Legend 2

Grezzo, the developers behind Ocarina of Time 3D, Four Swords Anniversary Edition, Majora's Mask 3D, Tri Force Heroes and Ever Oasis have new job postings on their website with a certain phrase on top:

"Would you like to make a legend with us? 2"

If this feels familiar, then that's because back in June 2014 they had a similar job advertisement, where the year after they released both Majora's Mask 3D and Tri Force Heroes. The job advertisement could have been for either one, based on the description it probably was Tri Force Heroes, but this is a direct reference to the job ad from before, where the "2" hints at the fact that they're doing this again. So, it seems like they are back to work on Zelda, which is nice to hear.

What's interesting here is that they are looking for developers with experience in Unreal Engine, so this is certainly not about another Nintendo 3DS game and they might be developing for the Nintendo Switch now. As a longtime Unreal fan this has me excited quite a bit and also sparks my curiosity, because this could lead to a few things.

Overall the Unreal Engine is quite versatile and can be used to make sidescrollers or games from the topdown perspective for a 2,5D look, as much as any traditional 3D game in different visual styles. So, the speculations are all over the place. I've seen fans asking for HD remakes of both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on the Switch (see this article from Morgan Lewis for example), where the Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 4 project by CryZENx certainly left many impressions of how nice this could look...

But I personally would say that it's way too early to remake the Nintendo 64 Zelda games again, because the Nintendo 3DS iterations are still good enough. The only 3D Zelda game that hasn't seen an update yet is Skyward Sword and I'm convinced to see Skyward Sword HD at some point in the future on the Nintendo Switch, because the Joycons enable this game all too well. But this would be a project of a similar size to the Wind Waker HD, where you have very little effort, because the original visuals of Skyward Sword are perfect for HD upscaling. There's no need for Grezzo or any other studio to translate the game into Unreal Engine 4.

My best bet would be that they are working either on an entirely new topdown Zelda game or a remake of Zelda II - The Adventure of Link for the Nintendo Switch. In a recent interview with Jeuxvideo.com (source) Aonuma was even asked about such a remake, where this might not be a coincidence. I've even considered such a remake in the past after interviews with Miyamoto about the original (see here), where this could lead to a new approach for a sidescrolling Zelda. This even fits the "2" in the job ad quite well, because Zelda II - The Adventure of Link was called "Zeruda no Densetsu 2: Rinku no Bōken" in Japan.

Others claim that this might be a reference to "Seiken Densetsu", also known as the Mana series, because Koichi Ishii, the head of Grezzo, used to work on the Mana series for Square Enix and they are developing a remake of Secret of Mana, but it's doubtful that Grezzo is actually involved there.

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