Sunday, September 6, 2009

Color Changing Ignorance

Well, Color Changing: Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love was released on August 6th in Japan and we haven't heard or seen anything specific about it yet. Over at Gametrailers there are some new gameplay videos including a 3D dungeon maze and a fight against a crow. Over at GameFAQs there are some guys, who actually have imported the game, but they only talk about puzzle solving problems. But at least someone uploaded some screenshots there.

Looks like there are still rupees in the game (not a surprise), but I hope there is no bargaining. The dungeon scene reminds of the crawling mazes in The Wind Waker, especially the one behind the prison cell, where Tingle was imprisoned and where you ran into some rats using trapdoors, if you took the wrong corner. And judging from the comments on GameFAQs the game is devided in levels, which are the chapters and pages of the faiy tale book. But you're able to visit older pages again by travelling with your balloon.

That's it, more I can't say about the game even one month after its release. But you can't blame anyone for ignoring this game, it's probably not that good and most people haven't even played the prequel yet. Well, I only care about it, because I really liked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and because I have a large curiosity when it comes to Zelda and all things related to Zelda. But I won't import Balloon Trip of Love, I still hope it will be released in Europe at one day. I don't know any Japanese and the game is an Adventure game with a lot of text, so importing it won't do me any good. But if it will be released in Europe, I definitely will get it. Right now it's selling about as good as Rupeeland did, which isn't much but enough for a game like this, so it probably will be released in Europe too. But it took a year for the first game to be released here, so I won't hold my breath.

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