Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rumor: Zelda Wii Trailer in October

Actually, I wanted to ignore those "news", but they are all over the place by now. I'm talking about this. Those guys over at Infendo are crying for attention and attention they get. They claim, that right now a trailer for Zelda Wii is being made and that it will launch at Nintendo's fall press conference. Of course talking about an "insider source who wishes to remain anonymous" makes you look much more reliable while stating something like that. "Hey, I have an insider source at Nintendo too. It's my cousin, who happens to be close friends with Aonuma, and he says, that Spirit Tracks is going to have a stage builder. He even gave me a screenshot of the early beta, go look here."

Of course those kinds of rumors are nothing more than predictions. But because predictions aren't half as interesting as some fake news, we're talking about anonymous insider sources. We want to get attention. And if the prediction turns out to be right, hey, then we're big news and all those Zelda fans come to our site, because they want to hear more from our awesome secret sources.

However, those rumors are contradicting with earlier statements about Zelda Wii, for example at E3 they weren't even sure, if MotionPlus will be required or not depending on how successful MotionPlus will be. Right now there shouldn't be any doubts left, but I don't think, that they are far enough into the MotionPlus gameplay development to show a good trailer. Also, in an Iwata Asks interview at the end of July it was stated, that the Zelda team is facing pressure after seeing the amazing graphics of Monster Hunter 3 (source). Doesn't sound much like "we're confident enough to show a trailer by now".

I would say, if they're going to show something about Zelda Wii, it will be more or less just a small teaser trailer shedding light on the mysterious artwork from the E3. This would make sense, since the artwork wasn't supposed to be leaked and by now half the internet is confused about the whole Fairy Spirit looking like an incarnation of the Master Sword while Link is not holding a sword thingy. So maybe there will be a small teaser trailer, which explains the artwork and maybe the title of the game will be revealed. If anything this is something, I would expect.

Zelda Wii or not, I'm definitely looking forward to Nintendo's next press conference. I'm still waiting for a Virtual Handheld announcement.

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