Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ocarina of Time 3D European Boxart

Sometimes I just love living in Europe. Not only that studying here is very cheap and affordable and that we don't have any major natural disasters, but we also get the nicer covers for our Zelda games.

Remember when we got this nice cover for Spirit Tracks, while the US version didn't look as good? And remember when I said, that they should have used the teaser site artwork for the Ocarina of Time 3D boxart? Turns out they were listening, take a look at the European cover:

Doooooooooo waaaaaaaaaannnntttt!!! Beautiful, simply beautiful. I mean, the US cover isn't bad, but this cover just got it right. It's similar to our Spirit Tracks cover, it's screaming "explore me". And it looks beautiful. I would just buy the game for the cover.

Source: Zelda Universe

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