Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zelda and a Replay Mode

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will be shipped with a Boss Challenge mode, where you can face all the bosses from the game again. Definitely a nice feature, but there's room for expansion.

Originally when the patent for the Super Guide was introduced, there were hints about a replay mode and I liked this idea ever since. Maybe I misunderstood some intentions of the patent, but the idea still stands.

So, what do I have in mind? Picture it like the demo of The Wind Waker, which was shipped with the Zelda Collector's Edition for the GameCube. The demo offered three savegames, from which you could choose.

"Stealth" dropped you off at Forsaken Fortress, "Island" dropped you off at Windfall Island after you got the sail and "Dungeon" starts at the beginning of Dragon Roost Cavern. You would get the default equipment, what you should have at the point. You can't save, but you can do anything you want until the game hits the time limit. Just remove the time limit and you'll get what I have in mind for a replay mode. Those standard savegames would be unlocked by simply playing through the game and you would get a Quest Log for each major point in the game. Continue the above list with a savegame for Gohma, another one for Forest Haven, one for Forbidden Woods, one for Kalle Demos, etc.

On the GameCube I used multiple memory cards to create many savegames for most of the dungeons in Master Quest and Twilight Princess. So I could replay them at any point. This was actually really nice, I played some dungeons like Arbiter's Grounds or the Gerudo Training Grounds many times just for fun. But the method with the different memory cards is very inconvenient. And it reserves many savegames that you could use for starting new games. And with games like the Nintendo DS Zeldas, which only offer two save slots, this would be impossible (not that I want to replay any of the boring dungeons there...)

Bottom line, a replay mode would be totally awesome. Just select a point in the game, from where you would like to start, and go ahead. Fast and fun. And this wouldn't be hard to implement, but it would be a major addition from which every single Zelda game could profit immensively.

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romplayer said...

Nice idea! Haven't thought about that yet.