Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skyward Sword Vanished

Ocarina of Time 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D!!!

By the way, where is Skyward Sword? Lately it's all about Ocarina of Time 3D, all Zelda headlines begin with "Ocarina of Time 3D". Which isn't bad, Ocarina of Time is great game and the remastered version looks really good. But the game offers NOTHING NEW except the mirrored Master Quest and the Boss Challenge mode, but both of this isn't any real new content. Do you know what would offer new content? Right, Skyward Sword! This game made for Wii MotionPlus, which should have been released by now. There was the GDC2011 trailer, which didn't leave a good impression on me, and since then it was silent around this game, while we basically get flooded with Ocarina of Time 3D news. Yeah, yeah, I get it, the Nintendo 3DS isn't selling and Nintendo needs to advertise it with upcoming software, which isn't dull... and advertising and releasing Skyward Sword now could overshadow the remake. But on the other side the whole MotionPlus thing is getting ridiculous and damages Nintendo as well.

When the Wii came out, everyone dreamt of a Zelda game where swinging the remote results into swinging the sword ingame. Twilight Princess didn't deliver and the technology wasn't sufficient. Then MotionPlus came out and I ran into the store to get WiiSports Resort in excitement that a new Zelda game using this technology would be next. Nearly two years later the only MotionPlus game, which I have, is still WiiSports Resort. None of the other Wii games, which I have bought in that time (Metroid Prime Trilogy, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Metroid: Other M, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Wii Party), used MotionPlus and there's still no sign of Zelda. We'll get a new Wii Play using MotionPlus instead this summer. Rumors are that Skyward Sword will be released in October (source), which is still half a year away. And the Wii successor "Profect Café" is already on its way, so that IGN is speculating that Skyward Sword could be delayed for the new system... nooo, noooo, nooooooo!! This would be Twilight Princess all over again. I bought the GameCube in 2005 with Twilight Princess in mind, but they delayed the game for an entire year for the not so good Wii port. I bought the Wii with a Zelda game in mind, where you would swing the sword yourself, but we won't get this game until the console reaches its end. What's up with all that? The Wii was released in 2006 and we needed to wait FIVE years to get the game, which was highlighted since the beginning.

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