Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Play Zelda Game & Watch Online

If you ever wanted to play the Zelda Game & Watch game, now is your chance. There's this site PicaPic.com which devoted itself to accurately reconstruct old LCD games online with the help of some flash. It's a very cool project and their recent addition definitely should gain some attention. Because it's ZELDA. Yeah, you can play this Game & Watch classic online right now, if you want to. And I suggest you really play it right now, because I'm not sure if this is exactly legal. Nintendo produced the Nintendo Mini Classics remakes and the game was part of the Game & Watch Gallery 4, so the "this game is hard to get nowadays"-argument doesn't exactly count. And they released some Game & Watch games for DSiWare at some point, which they will hopefully continue on the new 3DS Virtual Console.

However, the effort, which was put into the Pica Pic project, is amazing. It feels so much like the real deal. I already own the Nintendo Mini Classic version of this game, but playing this in high resolution on my computer is much better. It even feels like it's a littler easier. The game itself is no big deal, just some Zelda II style action, you dodge and block attacks from the enemies and try to kill the Moblin to the right to clear the room. Then you proceed to the next room, where the process repeats itself. Until you get to the boss, which is a giant Dragon, that can be beaten with a tomahawk item. Something the Zelda series never has seen outside of this game.

I hope they'll also remake the Zelda Game Watch. That one had a top down perspective and Aquamentus as a boss. And I never played that one, so I would be really curious. And keep looking for my highscores! ^^

Source: Zelda Power (via Zelda Informer)

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Xsoft said...

Yay I have this. Like 20 years ago. Nowdays I font same but smaller version of this. Its great and nostalgic.