Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fear of Remakes

This post is a respond to this or similar posts in different Zelda forums. Because of Ocarina of Time 3D some Zelda fans became afraid, that from now on they will only get remakes instead of new games.

Of course this is nonsense. If you mention a possible Majora's Mask 3D they immediatly get angry stating that they would prefer a new game instead. They pretend like developing remakes would hinder the development of new Zelda games. But this is not the case, remakes are usually outsourced to less experienced companies like Grezzo. Which is a good choice, with these remakes Grezzo learns how the Zelda series works and how a good Zelda game looks like and eventually they will be able to help developing a new Zelda game in the future. You might suggest, that they start working on a new Zelda game right now, but the lack of new content in Ocarina of Time 3D let's me think otherwise. I don't know whether they just weren't allowed to add anything like a new dungeon to the game or they just didn't dare. But if they can't make one single new dungeon, how should they able to make a full new Zelda game? Okay, there's Koichi Ishii, who has a lot of experience with the Mana series and at least the first two Mana games were really solid. But I'd imagine Majora's Mask 3D as a bridge, where step it up by introducing new content like a Master Quest.

And a Majora's Mask 3D remake would practically develop itself. All stones have been set by the Ocarina of Time remake, they only would need to make some more textures and models. Development time would take two months max, unless they really plan to add new content this time. And like Ocarina of Time 3D this game would be perfect to bridge the time until the next new Zelda game.

^this game is not your enemy

What Miyamoto suggested for an A Link to the Past remake was just adding 3D effects to the different layers, which means it's a candidate for the 3D Classics, similar to Excitebike or Xevious. There's a separate team working on that, they were making six 3D Classics games simultanously (source) and there's a good chance that A Link to the Past will follow. Development effort is also very low. You could call these "Virtual Console Plus" games.

I don't know where the impression came from, that remaking A Link to the Past in the style of Ocarina of Time 3D is even an option. Ocarina of Time was originally supposed to be a remake A Link to the Past in 3D, at least this was one of their early approaches, but not all stuff from a 2D Zelda game works in 3D. For example a giant pig would look stupid in 3D, which is why they made Ganondorf as a more serious antagonist. There's no way, that they're ever going to remake this game as a 3D Zelda. Or any other 2D Zelda for that matter, it would basically turn into an entirely new game losely based on the original. And it's better to just make a new game instead without being restricted in the game's design in any way.

And it should be clear, that Nintendo will definitely develop an original 3DS-Zelda game or maybe even two. Just because Nintendo likes to remake and re-release old games it doesn't mean they stopped making new ones. It's ridiculous how Zelda fans get scared that they won't get any new games anymore, just because Nintendo decided to remake one game after ten years. Just look back to the past, there isn't a single Nintendo system (except Virtual Boy) without a Zelda title and there are twice as much Zelda main titles as there are Zelda remakes and spin offs. This ratio is crazy good. Right after Mario the Zelda fanbase should be least scared of not getting anything new. And there's no reason to doom the remakes, ports and re-releases.

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Zelda fans always go crazy at the slightest things.