Thursday, July 21, 2011

Skyward Sword Comic Con 2011 Trailer

The trailer is really similar to the one from the E3 and not much new stuff is shown. There are some more faces from the town folk and in the world below Link meets a Goron!

No Zelda game without Gorons, huh? No, seriously, since their introduction in Ocarina of Time Gorons have been featured in every single Zelda game with the exception of Four Swords, which doesn't have any NPCs save for some fairies. And while everybody loved the Gorons back in Ocarina of Time, they got pretty boring over the time. It's like they only include a Goron tribe in every new game for the pure sake of having a Goron tribe in the game, because they were once funny in Ocarina. And they only evolved in Majora's Mask by adding Goron childs and elders, most of the other games just copied the concept. I thought the only other creative use of Gorons was in The Wind Waker with those wandering merchants, because you didn't expect Gorons to be in the game and then there were three of them in "disguise". That was funny and somehow cool. And the Goron from the trailer looks like he has a similar role. He looks like a wandering merchant. So, it might be that the Gorons are more interesting this time, but we'll see.

Like with the last two trailers from GDC and E3 the best thing about the trailer is the music. Can't get enough of this song.

Via Nintendo Life

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