Friday, July 1, 2011

Operation Reinfall

You've probably heard about "Operation Rainfall" by now, it's a fan campaign for getting the three games The Last Story, Pandora's Tower and Xenoblade Chronicles localized and released in North America. But Nintendo just responded "no" on Facebook without giving any good reason, which understandably caused some giant pile of ruckus all over the internet.

I would join Operation Rainfall, however, I live in Europe and we're getting Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story anyway (update: Pandora's Tower will also follow). And I'm not even really interested in these games, I don't play (J)RPGs, I never liked the Final Fantasy series for example. Some Action-RPGs, that play like Zelda, like the early Mana games or Terranigma, are fine though. But from what I've seen from the three Rainfall games, I don't think that they are my thing. However, it's nice to have at least the option to buy these games in case I change my mind about them. Nintendo of Europe does a great job lately.

But to make you all feel better, I will start my own fan-campaign, which is destined to fail! I call it "Operation Reinfall" (if you don't get the pun, click here) and it's purpose is to get all three Tingle games that are currently exclusive to Japan including Tingle RPG2, also known as Color Changing: Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, the Tingle Pack and Tingle's Balloon Fight localized for Europe.

They did release the first Tingle game, Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, here in Europe, so why not the second one? (Well, maybe because the first one didn't sell too well, most European Zelda fans hate Tingle and because Nintendo of Europe is too busy localizing Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora's Tower and The Last Story...) But I somehow liked the first game and I won't give up! So, where can I preorder a game on Amazon, that probably won't ever be released here? And naturally it should accompanied by the Tingle Pack, which was a set of silly DSiWare applications, that no one needs. And members of the Japanese Club Nintendo were able get a limited Tingle version of Balloon Fight, but they should definitely re-release this as DSiWare. (Actually I think the latter would be a cool idea, Balloon Fight is a solid classic and this is basically a crossover with The Wind Waker.)

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Stefan said...

I am so excited for last story (hopefully) coming to europe. The game doesnt look that interesting but mystwalkers last game lost odyssey was the best jrpg i played on this generation of consoles.