Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Majora's Blade

A popular question in Zelda forums is "will Majora ever return?" and until today my answer would be "most likely not", because Majora was an enemy exclusive to the mask idea and unless there will be another Zelda game revolving around masks, which I doubt, we won't see him/her/it again.

But then I had this Zelda game idea in my head. Actually I have lots of Zelda game ideas, but I usually do not talk about them. Well, but this idea isn't really new, every time when I played one of the Mana games, like Mystic Quest or Secret of Mana, I thought how it would be also nice to have different melee weapons in a Zelda game. I would like to see more variety in Zelda's melee combat, usually you get a sword and that's it. Maybe there's also a two-handed sword and/or a hammer, but there's never a bigger variety in the weapons. And lately this aspect became even worse, because sword upgrades weren't optional anymore and you got some story-relevant Master Sword copy or the Master Sword itself. It is always boring, if the sword upgrades are forced and part of the story, it's much more exciting if you discover a more powerful sword by yourself. Especially if it is really helpful, the enemies would always become harder and harder, so a more powerful sword was usually a big relief. But now it's all scripted, you get the Master/Four/Phantom/Spirit Sword at a specific time and then enemies automatically become somehow more tougher. This is boring.

But I'm drifting away, the core idea would be to have many different melee weapons with different combat styles and functions. It's always nice to have options and to make choices, as long as it doesn't get too complex. But it really worked great in the Mana games and I would like to see this in Zelda as well. A battleaxe for example would slower but more powerful and it could be used to cut down certain trees. A spear could be used to attack enemies from longer range, but it's not so good in close combat. And we've already seen Hammer, Ball & Chain and Whip items in previous Zelda games. I guess I'm not the only one wo had this idea before, but today I compared it to having many different masks in Majora's Mask. And that's when I had my epiphany. Why not call the game "Majora's Blade" then? In Termina Majora's Mask was an ancient artifact used for bewitching rituals. And it always felt like some evil spirit was trapped inside the mask. But Termina was a parallel world and there are still other possibilies for Majora in the world of Hyrule. Of course the game shouldn't include any moon crashing on Hyrule or a three day system. But there could be a cursed blade with the evil spirit of Majora trapped inside it, which would fit the theme of the game. Just imagine a sword designed in the style of Majora's Mask, it could be Zelda's version of the Soul Edge.

Of course you could apply this idea of having Majora's spirit trapped in something else than a mask to other things as well. But a cursed blade probably would be the best choice, no one would be frightened by "Majora's Train" for example... okay, wait, maybe that would have been more badass than Malladus, but it's too late for that. Well, it's still unlikely that Majora will ever return, but I wouldn't completely dismiss it anymore.

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