Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awesome Shortcut in Hero's Trial Door 2

Are you struggling with the Hero's Trial in the new Four Swords Anniversary Edition? I but you are, but don't worry, there's help. Some people at GameFAQs (look here or here) discovered a nice shortcut that let's you skip more than half of the second floor of Door 2, the ice level. Which got some of the worst parts in the entire Hero's Trial, like the room with the multiple Ice Wizzrobes accompanied by Ball & Chain Troopers. But with a nice little trick you can actually skip over this nightmare right to the final battle on the floor.

Well, this is how it works. At the beginning of the second floor, right after you dodged the Moblin Archers there are some bushes at the right side, 12 in total. Below these bushes there's a ledge with two treasure chests on top of it. The wall below the bushes right between the treasure chests is bombable. Here's a picture, the red X marks the bombable spot in the wall:

Awesome, right? Now, wait a minute... you don't keep the items from the previous floor and you don't get any bombs here. So, you do you blow the wall up? Well, a lot of luck is involved actually. You have to cut the bushes and hope that a bomb appears, be very quicky and throw it to the spot. Luckily this spot is early in the floor, you don't even need a minute to get there. So, if you fail, you just pause the game, use the "Retry" option and start the floor over. It took me about 10 tries to get it done, but that's still better than fighting lots of nasty Ice Wizzrobes. I also got 3000 Rupees from the first floor, which is more than enough for the final floor!

If you open the wall, you can enter the shortcut, which feels a little bit like a glitch, because Link suddenly appears magically between the two treasure chests on top of the ledge. But this part is right before the final battle against some Helmasaurs, Moblin Archers, Stalfos and two Darknuts, in the area with the many rocks right before the goal. You only have to do a little Magnetic Glove puzzle and then you're through. This saves a lot of time and trouble! I wish I knew this when I originally played through the Hero's Trial. So, keep this shortcut in mind, if you're having any trouble.

(Actually I remember that in Talus Cave on a certain floor there was also a treasure chest that you could only reach, if you happen to find a bomb under some bushes, unless you brought bombs from a previous floor. This is probably where this idea for the shortcut came from.)

Update: the whole thing also motivated me to replay all of the Hero's Trial. I definitely got a lot better since the first time I struggled through the thing. It's still a big challenge, but it's not as frustrating as it used to be. It actually starts to get fun somehow, especially now considering that you can skip one of the worst parts. But the Hurricane Spin Attack actually was not as useful as I thought it would be. It's not as overpowered as in The Minish Cap.

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