Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skyward Sword Blade Journal, Day 7

SPOILER WARNING: post Dungeon 6 + sidequests

The guy who upgrades your potions always says "I hope your expectations weren't too high"... While playing the Fire Sanctuary I had Aonuma's and Miyamoto's faces in my mind telling me the exact same thing. It was visually a nice dungeon, it was also the largest dungeon so far. But it was way too easy. Lizalfos were still treated like minibosses. The place should be grawling with those guys instead. Skyward Sword could be quite tough early in the game. You had to get used to the fighting mechanics and simple mistakes could kill you. You start with 6 Heart Containers for a reason. However, while you constantly grow and get stronger, the game itself doesn't. It doesn't even try. You will still fight bats and slimes as your regular enemies. I've only met Stalfos three times so far and each time they were a miniboss. By now they should be regular enemies. I have 17 Heart Containers by now, I can carry four Heart Potions++, which means I can fully heal myself eight times! I became very efficient with the MotionPlus controls. I'm a monster, ten times more scary than the Imprisoned. There should be much more tough fights. Lizalfos, Stalfos, Moblins... it doesn't have to be the pucking Hero's Trial, but at least try something! And where are Darknuts? Are there even any in the game? Probably not, because otherwise Nintendo would have showed them already like they did with ALL of the bosses.

But it was still a solid dungeon. I liked the part, where you had to jump down at the end. This could have been a nice Link's Awakening-ish dungeon puzzle, if the solution wasn't told you early by a NPC. It would have been better, if somewhere in the dungeon there was a hidden tablet giving you the cryptic hint. It just isn't much fun, if some character tells you the solution. *stares at Fi*

It was nice that you battle Ghirahim again at the end of the Fire Sanctuary. For a brief moment I feared there would be a boss, where you need to utilize the Mogma Mitts. This would have sucked hard. And fighting Ghirahim is fun, it's a nice duel. It was also interesting that you get an empty bottle in this dungeon, that's not usual. Which makes it good, I didn't expect to get the last(?) bottle there.

The place, where you find the Piece of Heart near the entrance of the Fire Sanctuary was magical. This small little green haven inside a giant vulcano.

I always wondered what these holes in the pumpkin fields were good for. I actually thought that the Mogma Mitts would give entrance to a cave here, but they didn't. It turns out that you can plant trees there, but I couldn't figure out how to do it yet.

It was generally surprising that the game is throwing new sidequests at me at this point. Because I thought the game was going to be over now, which made me sad. It felt like I finished most of the sidequests and that the Fire Sanctuary would be the last dungeon. Interestingly I had yet to face the part, where the Bokoblins steal all of your equipment at the Vulcano Summit. I thought this was going to take place before the Fire Sanctuary. So, it was time to head on and meet the next story twist.

Actual story spoilers ahead!

Well, after imprisoning the Imprisoned once again, who now grew a pair of hands, it was time to finally reunite with Zelda. It was foreseeable that she was related to te Goddess and that the cute girl would be gone when you meet Zelda again, replaced by a more mature and reasonable woman, who has no time for old feelings and priorizes duty. It was a sad scene, because all you wanted to do was reuniting with your childhood friend. You have to accept your fate hand the emotions really striked me here. Normally I don't get emotionally involved in a game, so it did a good job here. And there's the hope that you can get the old Zelda back, when all is over. But the Sheikah symbol on Impa's face, the tear below the eye, was very fitting for this scene. Actually I wonder if the old granny inside the Seal Temple is Impa from the past, it appears that she has a faint tear below her eye. That and a Sheikah symbol on her back...

Well, whatever, the fully developed Master Sword now also lets's you load the sword beam faster. Nice. I wanted this for a while now, it's nice to finally get it. And now it's time to get the... Triforce. Okay, let's do... wait, WHAT?!!! This would be awesome. I mean, there aren't many Zelda game, where Link actually claims the Triforce. It only happened in Zelda II and in A Link to the Past, in other games he would usually just possess the Triforce of Courage, if any. It was already weird that the Triforce of Wisdom was glowing on Link's left hand after the Sand Ship, but actually I forgot about it, because someone interrupted my play session, so I never gave it any bigger thought afterwards. But yeah, this is exciting. The fact alone that I'm talking about the game's story at this point should indicate the importance of this story twist.

The Triforce also adds endless possibilities for the outcome of the story. If you observe the map, you will notice that Skyloft fits perfecty in the middle of the three areas. With the Triforce they could free Hyrule from the evil and let the humans come home down to earth. There's no Skyloft in all later Zelda games, so such a story development would make sense. I would also like to see how the Master Sword ends up in the Temple of Time.

It looks like the game is getting a little bit crazier right now. The next stop was the fight against the posssessed flying whale deity, which was a lot of fun. The bosses are really great in this game, I'm looking forward to the Boss Challenge mode. The whale's name is Levias and he seems to be the older brother of the Windfish and the Ocean King, I don't know. It would be nice if he dropped a hint at some point. Now I have to look for three dragons and it might be that this is the first real non-linear part of the game yet, but I haven't tried. Going to Faron Woods resultet in YET ANOTHER fight with the Imprisoned. I battled this guy like five minutes ago, he really means it! But this really shows the urgency and the pressure of the situation. It also appears that all of Faron is flooded, I totally forgot about that! It was shown in some trailer and early in the game I wondered, why I never came to a sunken forest area. But I stopped here, I want to do check out the other dragons first to see if this part might be really non-linear. And I don't know what to expect right now. But I'm actually hoping that there might be one or two more dungeons. Because that would be awesome, I don't want this game to end.

Talking about dungeons, I'm obsessed with the idea of revisiting dungeons. It was really cool in the Skyview Temple and I hoped the Earth Temple would follow at some point. I'm regulary revisiting the dungeon just to check if anything has changed. I'm not even sure if the dungeon would be suitable to be revamped. But I'm so crazy about this, when I had to look for the fortune teller's crystal ball I actually hoped the dowsing would lead me into a revamped Earth Temple. Instead the crystal ball was on a pillar at the entrance... but maybe there will be a revamped Earth Temple for the Eldin dragon quest, hope dies last. The Lanayru Mining Facility on the other hand can stay as it is right now, that dungeon sucked anyway. Of all the dungeons in this game it was by far the worst.

Forgive me Din, for I have sinned. I actually used dowsing to find the last Gratitude Crystal. I was weak and I feel terrible about it. But why did Nintendo have to include dowsing for these thing to begin with? It makes the whole idea pointless. It's a quest where you look for hidden items. If I can pinpoint the exact location of the items, they are not so hidden anymore... Might as well just give me them from the start. I'm really mad about this and myself, but I was looking for hours and couldn't find it. I wanted to use the dowsing to exclude certain areas, where I tought I was sure nothing was there, but this backfired. Well, it was cleverly hidden in the sword training school, where I even looked multiple times... But I should have kept looking instead of using the dowsing. And looking for the Gratitude Crystals was a lot of fun, I love Skyloft at night. And now I have no reason to aimlessly walk around at night anymore. Argghhhh... what have I done?! But at least I found the other 14 crystals on my own without any help.

And there's a nice new minigame. In the tornado cloud there always was this weird island which looked like an obstacle course. I feared for some minigame, where you had to reach the top in some time limit, though this didn't make much sense because of the multiple paths. But it turns out that this island is used for a bug catching minigame. On the island all 16 types of insects are present. The bug guy shows you a list of different bugs and you have to find them as fast as possible. It's a mix between memorizing where the bugs are hidden and being fast in the obstacle course. But I was disappointed about the prizes. If you beat the record on hard level, you still ony get five bugs. There should have been a better prize, the Bug Medal would have been the perfect reward for example. I love the Bug Medal.


Jaguar D Sauro said...

It seems they putted more work in the bossfights instead of the dungeons. I like really good bossfights, but for a game like Zelda they are secondary for me. And i'm still hesitating to buy it with "Super Mario 3D Land" and "Mario Kart 7" on the way (huge Mario Fan). But so far you them really happy with the game. Best Zelda since "Mayoras Mask"?

(Sorry for my bad english)

Anonymous said...

@Jaguar D Sauro
Der Blogger kann Deutsch.
Aber du kannst dir gerne in den großen deutschen Communitys ein Bild zu dem Spiel machen. Schau dich einfach auf:
um und deine Frage sollte beantwortet werden!

Jaguar D Sauro said...

Ich weiß, ich kenne TT, wollte aber mich der allgegenwärtigen Sprache in diesen Blog anschließen. Aber danke für die Hilfe^^

TourianTourist said...

Der Gesamteindruck bei mir ist schon überwiegend positiv, das Spiel leidet einfach zum Teil noch unter denselben Problemen, die auch schon ein Spirit Tracks oder ein Twilight Princess hatten... zu linearer Spielablauf und zu einfache Dungeons. Das ist also schon eher ein generelles Problem, welches direkt vom Zelda-Team verursacht wird, als jetzt etwas, was nur speziell Skyward Sword betrifft. Ich hatte nur gehofft, dass Skyward Sword an der Situation etwas ändern wird.

Aber noch bin ich nicht durch und abgesehen davon ist das Spiel großartig, für mich auf einem Level mit dem N64-Zeldas. Es ist überhaupt DAS Wii-Spiel und es gibt keine Entschuldigung, sich das Spiel nicht zu holen. Erst recht nicht wegen Super Mario 3D Land, sorry, aber 3D Land ist im Vergleich zu Galaxy 1 und 2 oder New SMB (Wii) einfach nur lahm. Ich habe es schon spielen können und war nur mäßig begeistert. Mario Kart 7 ist natürlich aber cool, das hol ich mir auch.