Friday, November 4, 2011

Hidden 25 in Hero's Trial

After the initial frustration I had with the Hero's Trial in the Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Edition I finally returned there to look more into it. And while replaying all three doors I discovered not only a nice shortcut, but also that the number 25 - as in 25th Anniversary - is hidden in various areas as an easter egg. When you play the Hero's Trial for your first time, you probably won't notice most of it, because you're too busy to survive. But right now I'm trying to find all of them... and this is what I got so far:

Door 1, Floor 1:
This is probably the most obvious one. Right after the goal there's an island in the water, the island and the bushes on it take the shape of a large 25.

Door 2, Floor 2:
In the northwest right after the part with the Moblin Archers, where the shortcut is located, there are some of these platforms, that only one player can see. Together they take the form of a 25.

Door 2, Floor 3:
There's this nasty area in the northwest with lots of bone throwing Stalfos, hidden Beetles under bushes and air streams on a large catwalk above the abyss. This catwalk actually has the shape of a large 25.

Door 3, Floor 1:
There's this large grate at the end, where all the Stalfos and Ball & Chain Troopers spawn on it. This grate looks like a giant 25.

My theory is that each floor got a hidden 25 somewhere, some of them might be not as obvious. For example it might be that an entire floor is built around a 25-shaped structure. This is hard to tell on the small screen and it would be nice if you could look at the areas in total, after all GREZZO made some impressive mazes here. For most of the 2D Zelda games there are full maps available in the internet, I hope someone does the same at some point for the Hero's Trial (and the Realm of Memories). But I will keep looking and if you know anything, let me know in the comments. This post will probably get updated regularily.

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