Monday, November 7, 2011

Four Swords Anniversary Edition, Extra Round 2

Yesterday I again had the chance to play the new Four Swords Anniversary Edition in multiplayer together with the Evelyn Jade from By now she had already beaten the Hero's Trial, so it was an equal match this time and a lot of fun. This game can really bring out your worst sides. There's no other game in the world where you compete this much while you actually have to cooperate. It's an amazing multiplayer concept. And it's downright evil, I did some really bad things yesterday to win. I'm not proud of it, I won't give you any details, but I won. But to be fair it was very close... and she sicced Bow-Wow on me. :D

Well, we had to get the final Hero Key from Death Mountain and clear the third and final door of Vaati's Palace, the one with the 12 floors and all bosses in their strongest form. Getting the Hero Key went smoothly, we got into a new area, which I've never encountered before, where you had to move a large block through a maze. At the end there was an entire room filled with bombable and normal blocks, pretty much like a multiplayer area from the Bomberman games. Normal Wizzrobes would spawn there (yes, you were basically playing Bomberman with Wizzrobes) and we used this opportunity to farm some Rupees. The normal blocks would give cover and there were also some cleverly hidden treasure chests revealed by pushing some of these blocks. Of course we got the Hero Key on our first try, we are pros after all. While playing Vaati's Palace I got to see at least one new area for Vaati's Palace and one new key room for the Talus Cave. I've played all the stages so many times by now, that it's a miracle that I'm still getting to see new stuff. Capcom really put a lot of work into the original game, so that it could be enjoyed many, many times! But I'm repeating myself about that.

I have more than 360,000 Rupees by now... that alone should speak for the replay value.

Last time I stated that you couldn't exploit Rupee Wraiths and Rupoors during Rupee Fever. But actually the game still lets you do that, nothing has changed here and we even used this tactic a couple of times. I don't know why I was under the impression that they changed this, maybe last time Jade and me both run over a Rupoor at the same time, but I already fixed the review and updated the last post. Sorry for the misinformation.

That's it, after this match both Jade and I now got a 100% save file of the Four Swords Anniversary Edition. It's definitely a fun little game, a great way to kill some time until Skyward Swords gets released (ony 11 days left, yay).

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linkin' zeldaman said...

Hey, why can't I get anyone to play four swords with me? I mean, why isn't anyone else in my area NOT a Zelda fan (besides my friend with the 3ds on the bus). This is madness!!! 70% like halo more,20% like Mario and Sonic (got to give 'em props though),and 10% like other good games (around my parts people like Pokemon and Kirby). Anyway...step it up and shout up,people!