Sunday, July 28, 2013

Island Swap

Another nice idea for the 2nd Quest of the Wind Waker HD: swap all the islands!

Well, certain islands would have to stay where they are, because the game has boat travelling sequences between them or their locations gets referenced elsewhere. This includes Outset, Forsaken Fortress, Windfall, Dragon Roost, Forest Haven, Tower of the Gods, Great Fish Isle and some minor islands (about 15 islands alltogether). But more than two thirds of the islands can simply be swapped to different locations. And this could be really funny to do that. And also add some challenge. Let's on your way from Dragon Roost to Forest Haven you run into much tougher places like the Islet of Steel.

This might or might not be easy to do. It depends on how the data for the individual quadrants gets stored. Normally each quadrant would have its own set of data, so it's easier to load its data. In this case you could easily swap around the quadrants by simply changing their coordinates on the main grid. You could even randomize the entire Great Sea, so that each playthrough would be different.

This would really add lots of replay value! And... it could be realized as a last minute feature, so it's entirely possible that Nintendo could add this before the game's release. There are only a few difficulties with this (like handling the Special Charts or certain other references), but overall it might be doable. So, cross your fingers.

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K2L said...

I thought the exact same thing. In fact, I'm surprised they didn't do it in the GCN version already!