Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Prima Kicks Zelda Collectors in the Balls

This got announced:

I've been collecting these guides since the one for Phantom Hourglass, not for the information, since I was already done with the games, but as pure collectible items. I eventually got all four of them for a good price and I really like the hardcovers, the color pages, the maps and other extras. It's a nice collectible and I was looking forward to get the one for The Wind Waker HD as well.

But now they do this? Well, it's definitely nice for everyone, who missed the previous guides, since they have become really expansive. But including new exclusive versions of these guides in the box is a nasty move giving everyone the finger, who has already collected the guides individually. The box comes with the hardcover Ocarina of Time 3D guide, which wasn't available until before and will be exclusive for this box, and a newly improved, extended version of the Skyward Sword Collector's Guide, which I had critizised as being incompleted and rushed.

Well, I guess I have to sell my previous copies and buy this box, if I want them all and satisfy my inner Zelda collector demon. But what I really want to do is give Prima the finger and not buy anything from them ever again. The box would be fine, if it hadn't any exclusives. But with the excluvises they clearly want the collectors to buy the whole thing again.

But that's the Collector's Curse. Eventually there always will be a shiny bundle that does everything better, which screws the early adopters. But you can never know.

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