Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rumor: The Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle

I currently don't have any interested in buying the Wii U in the near future. The games are not interesting enough. And not even a tougher difficulty level in The Wind Waker HD will change that, I can always play that later. What could convince me, as the crazy Zelda fan I am, however, is a special Zelda bundle. Similar to the Nintendo 3DS Zelda 25th Anniversary Limited Edition. That's something I can't say "no" to.

Well, according to NeoGAF such a bundle might come. Of course there are different criterias. For example the GameCube also had a The Wind Waker bundle, but it just was the normal silver version of the console. No special Zelda stuff. And that's not really interesting.

If they just sell the normal black console bundled with The Wind Waker HD, it's not going to change anything. But if they add a golden Triforce emblem on the system and call it "limited", I would have a hard time to resist... it's crazy, right? That's the fan madness. Of course I want the Zelda version of the system, no other version would come into question. But I think there never has been a special Mario or Zelda version of a Nintendo home console. That's always for the handhelds, which you want to be more personal and customized.

However, Nintendo has also this bad thing going, where they don't bundle their system with the game disc, but just install a digital release on the system. Which I hate. I'm a collector and I want my games with disc and cover. But I think the NintendoLand bundle still has the disc, so that's good. We'll see if such a bundle is happening and how it will look like.


Anonymous said...

also, all the cool "limited" edition consoles or handhelds that we would love to have here in the US only do ever come out in Japan. but dont be left hopeless. there are times that nintendo releases a cool limited version of a condole here in the US. Back with the release of Hey You Pikachu, there was a pikachu version of the N64. All in it's blue and yellow, pikachu on the power button greatness. Japan gets all the cool shit, but don't get hopeless.

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