Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2014 Zelda Calendar

Okay, this should end my Zelda shopping spree for this year. It's the 2014 Zelda calendar:

Or actually it seems to be the Ocarina of Time 3D calendar, because eight months are covered by that game...! What the fairy...? I liked the 2013 calendar more, it had more variety to it. For example this one doesn't even include Spirit Tracks. And it looked richer, this one just seems to be simple character arts with nothing much to it.

Also, while I can understand that Nintendo only wants their latest titles, they do have the Virtual Console and adding those games could be a good idea as well. So, why not add some motives for Link's Awakening or the Oracle games? And it seems that these calendars get produced way too early. They weren't even able to add The Wind Waker HD? For the 2014 calendar you'd want the latest games from 2013. I want HD Toon Link! I want awesome Ravio!

Well, hopefully the 2015 calendar will have all that. Because I wouldn't want another year filled with Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword.

Amazon is ridiculous. This 10€ calendar they sent me in a HUGE box (I was thinking I'm getting a new computer or something) padded from all sides... lol. But when I order a 220€ highly limited collectible, they put it in a paper bag. What's wrong with their brains?

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