Monday, November 25, 2013

StreetPass Guide FAQ

My StreetPass Guide on GameFAQs just got released! Check it out. It contains all info about clearing all StreetPass challenges, battling Shadow Links, etc.

Actually I made guides for absolutely everything in German for ZeldaEurope: Heart Pieces, Maiamais, bottles, items, Master Ore, minidungeons, minigames, Hero Mode ... I've written many guides for ZeldaEurope already.

Sometimes I also release guides in English, but then it has to be something special. Something not everyone can do like my 64 Ring Guide for Oracles or the TotoK Speed Guide for Phantom Hourglass. I felt like the StreetPass functionality was special enough to make fledged out guide for it. It's funny how it's the first guide there, even before Pieces of Hearts or Maiamais... but I let someone else have "fun" with those.


Lankelink said...

I have just read your guide, and regarding the "Win without taking a single step!" I found that the purple potion works great.

I don't know what is the exact damage it does (it maybe depends on your sword level?) but my fully upgraded Link can instantly kill a dummy Shadow Link :D

TourianTourist said...


Ahhh, that's a nice tip! I haven't thought of that.

I'll update the guide soon!

dragohan said...

Good work pal!

Anonymous said...

I fully completed the game except for the Streetpass medal stuff, so I was wondering, what is the most frustrating weapon setup for Streetpass? Would Nice Ice Rod and Blue Potion work well to make people angry? I'd like to arm my Shadow Link with the most frustrating combination out there, hehe.

TourianTourist said...

Weapons are any interesting topic and I plan to add an entire section to my guide aboutit.

Blue Potion isn't really good, because of the time limit. I can easily defeat bots using Blue Potions.

Ice Rod can be dodged very easily, so can the Fire Rod. While these weapons are very powerful ingame, they are not so much in StreetPass.

The (Nice) Tornado Rod has proven to be the most dangerous thing. You can't close in on your enemy without risking to be stunned.

And my favorite weapon is probably the Hookshot. You can counter most attacks with it. However, bots might not be as good using it as I am. :D

The Yellow Potion can be annoying, because then you have to run from your enemy for a while.

So, maybe Tornado Rod + Yellow Potion.

TourianTourist said...

Of course this is very different in Hero Mode...

I think here a Blue Potion and a Purple Potion are the most dangerous. The Purple Potion causes eight hearts of damage, even when you have the Red Mail. And health goes down very quickly, so the time limit isn't in your favor.

However, you have no guarantee that the person will receive your Shadow Link in Hero Mode. And in normal mode blue + purple potion is a total joke.