Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Link Between Worlds Collector's Guide

Got this today:

This won't be part of the Zelda Box (which also got released now), so if you want the 7th book, you need to buy it separately. It's weird that they didn't include this one as well, but whatever...

Naturally there's a nice extra, but this is the first time, where they didn't add a map of some sorts. This time you get a framed litograph, which looks absolutely gorgeous. Other people have pictures of their family on their desk, I have the Master Sword... :D

The guide itself is 320 pages thick, about the same size as the Spirit Tracks guide. It follows my principle of doing all sidequests first, so they basically clear all areas before they head into the dungeons. I did the exact same thing on my 2nd playthrough, so I approve. Except for some differences in the renting prices I didn't notice any mistakes on my first look. Usually I'm able to spot a bunge of things, but it looks like they did a good job overall. And it was interesting for me to learn the names of the new bosses... here they are:

Margomill (the eye on a pillar)
Zaganaga (the desert boss)
Knucklemaster (the Wallmaster boss)
Gemasaur King

I love the names. Nice mix ups of the original boss names. Argghus and Moldorm only returned in their original form and name.

What the guide is missing is any info about StreetPass. They tell you how to set it up, but that's it. Nothing about the Shadow Link Battles, nothing about the challenges, nothing about the arenas. For example the Phantom Hourglass guide actually had an entire section just about the multiplayer arenas, which was cool. Maybe they only had one copy of the game and couldn't really test it? Luckily I did their job in my StreetPass Guide, so check it out, if you need any help with that!

I also got the Zelda Box today, however, it was delivered to my home address. So, I will have to wait until Christmas to check it out... should be a nice Christmas present though. :D

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