Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Majora's Mask References in A Link Between Worlds

Aonuma teased at Comic Con that playing A Link Between Worlds actually would show us that they haven't forgotten about Majora's Mask. And they sure haven't. There are plenty of references to the game to find.

The most obvious one is probably Majora's Mask hanging inside Link's house. If you merge with the wall behind it, you can make it look like Link's actually wearing the mask, which is pretty cool. Also, this leaves lots of room for speculation. Like how did he get the mask?

The second reference would be the return of the Milk Bar with Talon being the owner. Though Phantom Hourglass did have a Milk Bar as well, so this doesn't necessarily have to be a direct Majora's Mask reference.

The big thing for me were the people in Lorule. Not only were they all counterparts to the people of Hyrule, they also started to wear masks. So, I actually believed that Lorule would be revealed to be Termina at some point of the game. Termina even had the hidden Triforce symbols in the Stone Tower Temple, which lead to a theory, which actually fits the story of Lorule quite nicely. But while this has never been confirmed ingame, it's still entirely possibly that Lorule and Termina are actually the same. The state of Lorule with all the giant chasms splitting the country could have been caused by the moon crashing on the lands...

The last reference happens in Hero Mode, it's the secret that you can find. I was asked in the comments, what it would be, but it's better to post this in a spoiler box just to be sure:

So... after all these teasers I'm ready for Majora's Mask 3D, Nintendo! Actually a MM3D release next year would be perfect. Something to do before Zelda Wii U comes out. Since it most likely would be done by Grezzo (a separate team), this is not unlikely, since MM3D could be developed independently from A Link Between Worlds and Zelda U.


Anonymous said...

Can't open the spoiler box. Nobody wants to say what the fucking secret it, and I can't find it anywhere online.

Silver said...

That is the secret?? And I found it almost immediately when I entered to Lorule x-x And what kind of secret is that anyway? I would understand it if it would be in normal mode :/ Because in Hero Mode players already knows that who Ravio truly is :/ I sure wished it would had something to do with Majora's Mask ://

Anonymous said...

If you play in Hero Mode, you can find Ravio's diary in the empty house (where Link's house would be). It contains a three day countdown.

Anonymous said...

@ the guy who cant read the box lol

Ryly said...

Other References include:
-Ravio being a traveling salesman and called him Mr Hero (happy Mask Salesman does this) based on the journal entry, he may be the Skull kid.
-The scattered bird statues that one can activate and save at. The witch will take you places.(Kaepora Gaebora and the owl statues)
-The fire and ice rods may be a reference to that annoying wizard guy in the MM temples.

Z Fan said...

I believe that Ravio is actually the Skull Kid from Zelda OoT. Think about it, Skull Kid was a coward in both OoT and Majora's Mask, which is why he wanted a mask to make him feel superior and scare off attackers in Hyrule. He didn't know his way in the land in Hyrule, which is why he turned into a Skull Kid. Ravio fits that description almost perfectly.