Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Nintendo 3DS XL Hyrule Edition Announced

So, three different Zelda 3DS systems weren't enough after all? Well, there's no point to complain about excessiveness by now... we're far past this and I guess you can always place your bet on the Limited Edition hardware for every upcoming Zelda game in the future, including Zelda U.

Technically they didn't even break the rules, which I had defined to keep the release of TriForce Heroes clean, because this is not a bundle for TriForce Heroes. It doesn't come with the game... But it does get released around the same time and it seems somewhat unnecessary nonetheless. The other Limited Editions so far at least offered an upgrade for those, who already got the previous Zelda model. I'm even very happy that I got that Majora's Mask Edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL, as I pointed out in my last post. But why release this one so soon after? There will always be some fans, who would have preferred this design over the last one and now are unhappy, they didn't wait half a year longer...

As always Nintendo keeps teaching their costumers it's best to wait. Don't buy Nintendo systems until the very last minute, because there always could come a better model. I can't even wonder, if there are any Zelda fans left, who haven't bought a Nintendo 3DS yet and have waited for this model. Because there are. I even got one in the comments earlier.

This is very different from the successful Wii days, there you didn't want to wait to buy the console, you wanted that Wii on day one with Twilight Princess. And you didn't miss out for buying early; in fact later models of the Wii lacked features like GameCube compatibility. And there was no golden Wii coming with Skyward Sword, just a golden Wiimote everyone could enjoy. With the Wii U there are certainly many Zelda fans, who are still waiting for that gold edition next year (and the first real Zelda game for the system of course). And you can bet that they will be happy in the end, not the early adopters.

But so far it looks like this Hyrule Edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL will be exclusive to GameStop in the US. If it doesn't come to Europe, I certainly won't try to get my hands on it. If it does though (and I suspect as much), I will probably buy it for my collection. It's not like they lose in value, you can always sell them off later for a better price.

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