Sunday, September 6, 2015

TriForce Heroes: All Costumes Revealed?

Nintendo really likes to spoil their Zelda games in advance, so much that they will show you every item, every dungeon and every boss long before the game is available to the public. And this time they did it with the costumes, if you don't mind the spoilers, you can find a gallery with a total of 24 costumes here.

I was looking forward to discovering all the costumes myself, so it's kind of disappointing to see all of this already (and because I write new for ZeldaEurope I can't really escape it). I somewhat hope that this is not all of them, but this feeling of hope with Nintendo usually means that this is really all of them... And 24 is not the worst number. While the similar Magic Rings in the Oracle games had a total of 64, easily half of them were pretty much worthless. So, if there are around 32 costumes, this would be on par and you would have as many costumes as stages, maybe even one costume best for each stage.

But in any case Shikata was probably exaggerating about the amount of content. It seems to be a typical illness for Zelda's producers and when he says that there are so many costumes, it will keep you playing for two months, it probably means that you can easily get all costumes within two days...

Anyway, it looks that quite some of my costume ideas actually were a reality including the Anouki parka, the classic Zora costume, the Fairy costume and Tingle:

But next to Tingle there's also a King costume with lots of Rupees on the outfit, which makes me wonder about the abilities. My guess was that a Tingle costume gives you more Rupees, but maybe that's what the King costume does and Tingle's costume is for something else. Maybe it lets you float a little, that's my best guess for now. Or it has something to do with maps.

And I can't help but wonder what some of the other costumes do. I suppose, the Hammer Bro costume gives you the Nice Hammer. But what does the costume with the teddy bear sweater do? Or the shaman? Or the 8-Bit Link? With the latter I'm thinking about having classic sword beams, but it would suck, if you would need this costume to shoot beams. That and a Fierce Deity Link costume would have been more awesome. Or what's the terrible cheerleader supposed to do? I'm not a big fan of all the girly costumes, they're really pushing Link's androgyny here and it makes me wish for a playable Zelda even more. Princess Zelda in a cheerleader costume would be cute, Link not so much...

I'm also missing some costumes that came to mind. There's nothing I would relate to upgrading the Hookshot or the Gust Jar for example. I suppose that each item will get a buff by costume. In A Link Between Worlds all items had a nice variant, so why not here? They can just copy the ideas, e.g. the upgraded Water Rod will create streams that don't go away. Or you can hurt enemies with the upgraded Hookshot. (If that's really a Hookshot, it looks more like they brought the Switch Hook back, which would be interesting for the multiplayer mechanics.) Also, I really expected there to be a Bee costume based on the Bee Badge, which is nowhere to be found here. So, I still have a small hope that the presented costumes were not all of them. Let's see.

According to GameXplain the "Fairy" costume is actually for the Water Rod. You can even see the upgraded Water Rod in the video. And it's certainly more than those 24 costumes, because in the same video we got to see a Ninja costume, which wasn't featured in the artwork collection!

Update 2:
Famitsu confirmed that there are at least 36 costumes. That's a good number!

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This new title looks pretty... awful... strange... and out of sense... but i hope it can be decent to a 3DS game.