Sunday, September 13, 2015

TriForce Heroes: More about the Costumes

In the current Famitsu magazine there's an article about TriForce Heroes, which you can find here. NintendoEverything also provided a translation of the important facts and in it we learn some more information about the best part of TriForce Heroes: the costumes.

Apparently there are at least 36 costumes in total. This is a good number, it should come very close to the selection of abilities we had with the 64 Magic Rings, if not even succeed it, since some costume provide multiply buffs and many Magic Rings were pretty much useless. The translation also hints that there might be even more, because they apparently didn't count the costumes coming from the Coliseum Mode. I'm at least happy that Nintendo didn't spoil all the costumes yet and there's still the chance for that bee costume!

See this costume? It got featured in the artworks a couple of times already, it's even on the cover of the game. And it seems like this is one of the better costumes, it gives you both the double sword damage and the sword beams. So, it's a combination of the classic Red Mail / Red Ring / Spirit of Power ability and the Spirit of Courage. Nice. I was afraid that the 8-Bit costume would give you the sword, but this is a nice one.

It still might also cause the Fire Arrows, which got shown in one of the artworks... But it's more likely that this gets done by the Fire Gloves, because in that artwork the Red Link seems to be touching the arrow with them:

Originally I thought that the "prince" costume was responsible for the flame arrows, but that doesn't seem to be the case. And it makes sense to have the items interact in different ways.

I'm also surprised by the versatility of that Goron Garb. It makes you invulnerable to fire, you can swim in lava and you can even cross lava fountains. So, it's not like there's only one simple perk, the way it was with the Magic Rings. These costumes are a lot more fleshed out and I like it.

Famitsu also confirmed our theories about the Tingle and Aristocrat costumes. The Tingle costume or "Balloon Tights" seems to save you from falling into an abyss by using the balloons. And the Aristocrat / King costume gives you more Rupees.

From the official Japanese website we learn some more details. The Cheetah costume simply makes you walk faster, as we had guessed. With the Zora costume you can swim against strong currents. The Bomb costumes makes all bombs, which you pick up, larger, not just your own ones. So, you can even turn small enemy bombs into huge ones. And the Tingle costume does indeed save you from an abyss, but there's a limit. You have three balloons and they pop.

And it seems that 36 really is the total number.

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