Sunday, September 6, 2015

TriForce Heroes: Hookshot, Clawshot or Switch Hook?

Take a look at the artwork of the new Hookshot in TriForce Heroes:

It looks different from the one in A Link Between Worlds and in the new trailer you can clearly see it using a claw. I already noticed this in my last post, but I wanted to give it some more thought. The Clawshot itself was made for 3D Zelda games to keep Link hanging, where he is. That's not all that useful for a topdown Zelda. So, I wonder, if they brought the Switch Hook from Oracle of Ages back? With it you could switch places with certain blocks and enemies. But in case of TriForce Heroes it could add an interesting mechanic, where you switch places with other players.

With the Gust Jar you push other Links away from you. With the Boomerang you can bring other Links to you, making the Boomerang a lot more useful this time around. Now with the Hookshot in A Link Between Worlds you were able to draw yourself to a Shadow Link. Maybe that's still what it's doing here and they only added the round claw, so it would not give the impression of hurting the other Link. Maybe that's all there is to this. But that would be too similar to what we already have with the Boomerang and a Switch Hook, where the players switch places, might add some more interesting mechanics and possibilities.

Apparently it's called the "Armshot". So, I guess, it's really just about not "hurting" the other Links, when you attach to them.

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K2L said...

For me, the best for 3D is indeed Clawshots, while Hookshot fits well for 2D gaming. Hopefully Zelda U will have the former!