Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let's Update A Link Between Worlds

"Let's Update" will be a new series on this blog, where I talk about hypothetical updates to Zelda games released on current systems - something like the Den of Trials update for Tri Force Heroes, but for the games that came out before. This is not really about, what I think might happen, because Nintendo is clearly done with the previous games, so they most likely won't see any updates. So, this is about, what I would have liked to see in hindsight, if the game ever got an update. But at the same time I still want it to be realistic in the realms of what Nintendo actually could have pulled off, so something like an entire 2nd Quest or new dungeons isn't exactly reasonable.

Let's start with A Link Between Worlds. What if A Link Between Worlds received an update? What would you add? How would you add it? What would you change? Other than the usual "stability improvements" and fixing of glitches, of course. (Some of this was inspired by a thread on ZeldaUniverse.)

Boss Rush Mode

I very much enjoy battling the bosses in A Link Between Worlds, so it's a shame that there's no quick way to battle them again. Every Zelda game should have such a feature and I don't understand, why Nintendo never did it again after Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword in 2011.

I would add it as another level in the Treacherous Tower. They won't let you enter it, unless you brought all items. It might also only extend to the bosses, which you've already beaten so far to prevent spoilers. And I probably would leave Yuga out of it, since his appearance there wouldn't make much sense and his boss fights are not that much fun anyway. So, it would be Moldorm, Margomill, Arrghus, Stalblind, Gemasaur King, Knucklemaster, Zaganaga, Grinexx and Dharkstare seeking revenge on you.

The reward for your troubles could be an upgrade to the Hint Glasses, which colors them blue, similar to the Super Lantern and the Super Lamp. It's the only item in the game, which didn't receive an update and it would fit the pattern. With the "Super Hint Glasses" you can not only see Hint Ghosts, but also the health bars of your enemies, similar to the Hero's Charm in the Wind Waker. So, whenever you fight a boss again, you can see exactly, how much health he has left.

Naturally such an item shouldn't be given to you at the very end of the game, like they did in the Wind Waker HD, because then it won't find much use. But maybe like the Hylian Shield in Skyward Sword, you can get it after beating a part of the Boss Rush. Let's say that only the bosses, which you've previously beaten, appear in this level. And if you can clear a course with five or more bosses, you will be rewarded with the Super Hint Glasses.

(Another item that potentially could be upgraded are the Pegasus Boots, so that they let you change direction while running, like the Pegasus Boots in Ancient Stone Tablets.)

Minigame Improvements

Make it so that the Endless Cucco Run rewards you with the Giant Cucco after 100 seconds, not the full 999.99 seconds. Make it so that the Endless Cucco Run rewards you with the Giant Cucco after 100 seconds, not the full 999.99 seconds! Make it so that the Endless Cucco Run rewards you with the Giant Cucco after 100 seconds, not the full 999.99 seconds!!

I admit that's all I really want, the rest is just a bonus. And this is certainly a change that would make completionists like me quite happy. The four people on this earth, who actually already did the full thousand seconds of torture, still get the bragging rights with the record. There's no need to keep the reward exclusive to so few individuals.

The Octoball minigame also caused quite some frustration, where they probably could have made things a little bit easier...

For example you should be able to give a horizontal window with the Circle Pad; center, left or right. And the timing for the precise aiming should be easier to hit by making the ball slower overall.

Buy Shadow Links from Play Coins

Currently, if you can't find people for StreetPass, the only way to complete all 50 StreetPass challenges are the pre-generated Shadow Links. However, those only appear after every five hours of unpaused ingame time. And that's too rare. They should reduce this time to two hours and/or even make it so that you can use Play Coins to buy Shadow Links from Gramps. After all that's what Play Coins are there for, they let you get stuff in StreetPass apps for whenever you took the 3DS for a walk, but didn't meet anybody.

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