Monday, February 22, 2016

Tri Force Heroes: Potential Outfit Characters

This is following my post about potential outfit abilities in Tri Force Heroes, where I simply thought about what abilities could still become a thing for future outfits in the game. Now, this time let's sort of do the opposite and think about, what characters from the The Legend of Zelda series could be turned into costumes for Toon Link. He already does a cosplay of Darunia, a Zora, Zelda, Tingle, the Lady and even a Hammer Bros. And in the first DLC they added Fierce Deity Link and Linebeck, both offering quite the amount of fan service. And something tells me that this is what they will keep doing in future DLC.

Here are some things that I could imagine or would like to see:

  • Cucco
  • Ganondorf
  • Great Fairy
  • Groose
  • Postman
  • Ravio
  • Retro Link
  • Skull Kid

I already mentioned the Ganondorf idea in my previous post as a potential reward for a Boss Rush. Toon Link dressed up as Ganondorf could look glorious and I'd imagine that he keeps a tiny trident instead of a sword. Link already dresses as Zelda, so it makes sense to also offer a Ganondorf costume to complete the trio. I'm not entirely sure what kind of abilities a Ganondorf costume would offer, maybe something shooting fireballs... But this should be different from sword beams, since we're already having three outfits with that.

A Postman outfit would be great as well, where the ability to hold onto things, even if you get hit, would be a nice fit. This idea comes from DJLazerBreakfast on Reddit and I really like it. The ability certainly would be helpful in the "Don't drop the pot" challenges or whenever you fight in totem formation.

I keep mentioning the Great Fairy outfit, simply because it used to be a thing in development, but it also showed that originally the game used to have the classic Link from A Link Between Worlds. Toon Link was the better choice stylistically, but they still could add a costume, which makes you look like Retro Link, simply by using the model from A Link Between Worlds. This would be similar to the Timeless Tunic and I'm not sure, what it should do besides changing the music again.

I thought about having a costume, where Link has a shield and automatically uses it, much like he did in the first three Zelda games. But that's basically what the Serpent Toga already is doing and I still think a shield would be best implemented as an item, where you would have a new outfit that upgrades your shield to Hylian Shield levels.

Not really a character, but probably a nice idea is the Cucco Costume, which lets you fly without holding a Cucco. And whenever an enemy hits you multiple time, it will summon a short Cucco Revenge Squad to hit the enemy. As a bonus, glass and ice floors won't crumble, since you are a light weight. I already had similar ideas in the past, where I thought about a "Roc Suit", but this is now probably more fleshed out.

Groose, Ravio and Skull Kid would make great costumes, where I'm completely undecided about the abilities. Groose could throw stuff further and with Ravio you'd expect something with Rupees, but we already have that...

I still do expect that we're going to get four more DLC outfits and if I had to decide, I would probably go for Ganondorf, the Postman, the Great Fairy and the Cucco.


Eren Jaeger said...

I know it has no relation to this post, but how do you feel about receiving nothing for the 30th anniversary week/day? Furious, outraged, sick with anger?

TourianTourist said...

Why would I be angry? In 2011 they didn't do anything for the Anniversary before the E3. The logo for the Anniversary was shown for the first time during GDC in March... I'm expecting a similar delay here. And I've already made a post about this some weeks ago.

Right now Nintendo is busy with the Pokémon Anniversary. They won't let anything interfere with this. Anniversaries are nothing but marketing ploys after all. If they didn't have Zelda U coming up, I wouldn't even expect anything for the 30th Anniversary.

Eren Jaeger said...

I can understand that, but 30 is a lot more important than 25. They could have done at least something to show their interest, they could have at least sent out a tweet saying happy anniversary, but they didn't do anything.

TourianTourist said...

"but 30 is a lot more important than 25"

Not at all. 25 years are a quarter century. It's the silver anniversary and therefore quite important. So, the next important anniversary will be in 2036 for the 50th.

Keep in mind that they didn't do anything at all for the 20th Anniversary and they releases Twilight Princess in that year.