Thursday, February 4, 2016

Twilight Princess HD: Miiverse Stamp Collecting!

Today there has been many more information about Twilight Princess HD and its new features. And the one that caught my attention the most was the Miiverse Stamp collecting!

I feel like this is going to be the best addition to the game without any doubt. No, I'm not joking - it basically adds a new collectible quest and at the same time it takes care of all these boring chests with Rupees in the game.

The Miiverse features were also one of the best additions to The Wind Waker HD, because the Tingle Bottles made the sailing less boring and it helped with completing your figurine collection. You can even get the missable figurines from Tingle Bottles, which was a gift from the goddesses. And receiving funny selfies from other people certainly was fun, too.

Now, in Twilight Princess HD the Miiverse features improve the game in equal quality, but with very different measures. It's not about Miiverse messaging this time, but about collecting the stamps, 50 in total. Games like Super Mario 3D World already had this and while the stamps won't have any ingame value, it still will be fun to collect them all. I love collectible items in the Zelda series and the more the merrier.

From what I've seen, they are hidden in chests, which originally only gave you Rupees. And the game has tons of these. There are many chests, which are well hidden throughout the game, and some which even require you to solve some clever puzzles. And every time I was disappointed to only find Rupees... Like remember the two big chests south of castle town? One was in the center of the fountain and the other one on the pillars. They are not easy to get to and you'd think that you would get a Piece of Heart out of at least one of them, but nope... In Twilight Princess HD they might hold stamps, though!

You also now finally have an incentive to check all chests on the game world, other than your personal satisfaction of being thorough. We recently had a discussion on this blog about how opening all chests is actually part of 100% completion, but it's a fishy requirement, because you can't clearly tell, if you really opened them all or not, except for chests in dungeons. But in Twilight Princess HD you at least want to find all chests with stamps, because those get counted in your inventory. If you don't have all 50, there's clearly a chest that you haven't found yet...!


angelday said...

"I already know, where all the Poes are, I don't need an item telling me."

Well, that's a compelling argument.

TourianTourist said...

First of all: this blog post was about the Miiverse Stamps, not Poes. If you want to complain, at least do it in the right spot.

And how exactly is an item useful that just tells you, where the Poes are during day? You still have to wait for the night. And then you don't need a lantern, because you can see the Poes from miles away.

The only difficult ones to find are hidden in grottos. And we don't know yet, if the Ghost Lantern really helps with those. But probably not. In any case there would have been much better solutions.