Monday, February 22, 2016

Tri Force Heroes: Anniversary Area Ideas

Following my previous post about the Realm of Memories I still hope that they will also add something similar to Tri Force Heroes for the 30th Anniversary. It shouldn't be the exact same thing, of course, because recycling old graphics and areas wouldn't work well in Tri Force Heroes. It should follow the simpler level designs and you want those pretty visuals. Also, there already exists lots of stuff from A Link to the Past in the game, e.g. bosses like Arrghus or Moldorm, since it was based on A Link Between Worlds. So, having new levels based on A Link to the Past wouldn't add much. But I imagine that having levels in a reminiscent style of the original NES dungeons could feel fresh. Something like the Royal Tomb in The Minish Cap, where they played the classic underworld music and sounds, but it still fit into the game well.

The dungeons in Tri Force Heroes and A Link Between Worlds all got these polished looks, like the bad guys are constantly scrubbing all the walls. But this actually fits the NES dungeon visuals very well, all you need are the more vivid colors for the rooms. Add the classic underworld tune and you would feel like getting a remake of The Legend of Zelda on the 3DS. I could even imagine to have one new area solely dedicated on first game, instead of going through several games again. After all we're celebrating the birthday of the first game...

There could be two levels on the overworld and two in the underworld, which alternates betweeb overworld, underworld, overworld and underworld, so it feels like playing two classic dungeons. For the overworld part they could bring back more enemies from A Link Between Worlds, like Lynel and Armos for a Death Mountain section.

And to make things more interesting in the dungeons, they could even remake at least one of the classic bosses, where I feel like Gleeock would be the perfect candidate:

They could use his three-headed form and make it so that every head is in a different color, where only the Link in the same color can attack the head. Since this game works with depth, the heads would also change their heights, so that the Links would have to use the totem mechanic to adept. Of course this is nothing the game already hasn't done, but as a surprise comeback boss it certainly would be a nice addition.

Manhandla could work as well, but they already used her for both Four Swords games, where it would be a little bit boring to do the same thing again. Also, the Dum Dum boss ("Prismantus") already is reminiscent of Manhandla in a way. Gleeock would feel a little bit more special.

I would also love to see Aquamentus again and even he could be interesting for this game. I imagine a boss fight, where the camera is up front, similar to Blizzagia, and you see how Aquamentus comes marching forward towards you. You have to totem up to attack his head with sword beams or items, but he shoots fireballs at you to destroy the totem. He could be the middle boss of the 2nd level, while Gleeock gets to be the area's boss in level 4.

Getting new bosses might even explain the lack of a Boss Gauntlet so far. They will add this in the end, when all bosses are in the game. So, in a final update they could add a Boss Rush as a 2nd level to the Den of Trials, where you fight all bosses from the game in succession. The level would be divided in zones like the original Den of Trials, so it doesn't get too frustrating.

A fitting reward for the Boss Rush would be a King of Darkness costume, which gives Link the armor, cape and hairstyle of Ganondorf and replaces the sword with a tiny Trident. I could easily picture an outfit like this - it would look glorious and add a lot to the humor of the game. However, I don't have any good ideas for its abilities, except for shooting energy balls.

The Anniversary Area on the other hand would offer a set of new materials, which are used to craft new outfits at Madame Couture's. This could include the Great Fairy outfit for example.

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