Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks DLC Reveal and Release

While it's nice to have an "available now" announcement every now and then, with something as big as Hyrule Warriors DLC it would be nice to be warned a little time ahead, because the upcoming weekend will be completely planned out. And as usual when I make predictions with Hyrule Warriors, I was somewhat off. Well, not completely, only halfway... But for example we really did get Ghost Zelda, instead of the actual Toon Zelda.

While I understand the choice, it's essentially another one-weapon-character slot, where she doesn't have any real future. Which is why I pictured her with the Spirit Pipes controlling a Phantom. Well, at least this way you finally get to control a Phantom directly. It looks really fun and I'm eager to try this out today. And of course a Toon Zelda character in the future could just take different forms.

The "Sand Wand" was another miss for me. It was on my list, but with Toon Zelda on the table I really expected the weapon to be linked to Phantom Hourglass in a way, which is why I placed my bet on the Grappling Hook. Also, if they ever expand the roster with more side characters in the future, I would have expected to see Osfala from A Link Between Worlds with the Sand Rod. But that's out of question now, they even used the Sand Rod and the Nice Sand Rod from A Link Between Worlds as inspiration for the higher tiers. Still, it does look very cool, how they incorporated the train into the moveset for some reason.

I will try out both Toon Zelda and the Sand Wand soon and share my impressions about them later...

Now, since both moveset additions were from Spirit Tracks, the Adventure Map has to do with Phantom Hourglass. But since the "Rail Map" idea was pretty good, they mixed it, one half Rail Map, another half ocean map. It's similar to what I had imagined in my original predictions, combined with some curse mechanic, where you have to fill the Phantom Hourglass in the center by defeating bosses. But overall this DLC Pack just could have been the "Spirit Tracks Pack".

Anyway, I'm not a fan of this costume:

Stupid recolors... Would it have been so hard to give him a different hat? I wanted the Engineer's Clothes, but not like that.

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