Thursday, September 1, 2016

Official 30th Anniversary Celebration

Metroid just turned 30, so let's quickly celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda half a year later instead, so no one will notice!

After the E3 I wasn't expecting anything for the 30th Anniversary (see this post) anymore and while it's nice to finally get an official logo for the anniversary, it's still not really anything. With the Symphony of the Goddesses and Hyrule Graphics it's just a partial rehash of the efforts that went into the 25th Anniversary, where the only purpose seems to be selling some new Zelda amiibo:

No, thanks... I think that Hyrule Graphics will be nice to have and I will probably also buy the amiibo at some point, whether I like them or not (for Hyrule Warriors only the Toon Zelda amiibo will probably useful), but in the end that's just a joke.

Luckily for Breath of the Wild the Smash Zelda amiibo will also get you covered, save for the 8-Bit-Link it seems. I wonder, if he turns the music into 8-Bit like the Timeless Tunic in Tri Force Heroes. Or something similar.

In the very least it's very nice that Nintendo has finally acknowledged the 30th Anniversary, but I bet that it would have been much more satisfying, if Breath of the Wild would be released this year. Or not, you never know with Nintendo these days.

I wonder, if Metroid will get something better in half a year, hopefully an NX game. But it's probably just going to be an official Metroid amiibo line. :-D


Eren Jaeger said...

Zelda costumes were also made for Monster Hunter Stories, which you can see here:

Eren Jaeger said...

Also, forgot to add this to my original post, but the Ocarina of Time Link, Toon Link, and Zelda work the exact same as the Smash Brothers amiibo Link, Toon Link, and Zelda, so if you want to save money, I'd just go for the 8-bit Link.

TourianTourist said...

I saw the Monster Hunter stuff, but I don't think it's linked to the 30th Anniversary content. It's just yet another collaboration with Monster Hunter and I don't play these games.

And yeah, it seems like some of the amiibo can be replaced by the Smash ones. But I suppose that Toon Zelda might work differently in Hyrule Warriors and give you a good Phantom Sword. And I really don't like these 8-Bit-amiibo...

But so far I've collected all Zelda and Metroid amiibo and once you're started, there's no turning back. :-D I just don't find them exciting. If there was a Hyrule Warriors amiibo line, then I probably would be a lot more interested in the whole amiibo stuff, because I love the game and its character designs. But that's probably not happening.