Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ciao Ciao, Cia

This is a continuation of this post.

After completing the Lorule Map and with it the entirety of Adventure Mode, there isn't much left to be done for me in Hyrule Warriors - Legends except for grinding. I'm not in a rush with this, mostly just playing one hour per day, but ideally before Hyrule Warriors 2 comes out I want to be done with the game and have every character in their best possible form, which means Level 255, at least one perfect weapon build and all badges. The latter is already finished, so what's left is mostly leveling everyone up, unsealing weapon skills and collecting best possible weapons for the new additions.

And naturally I already achieved these goals with my favorite character, Cia... There she is, full 255 Levels and 60 Heart Containers:

The attack level becomes pretty ridiculous, it's nearly 700 more than a weapon with Legendary on it:

In the end I mostly played her on the first Adventure Map and the first half of the Great Sea Map, where I was clearing them from Item Cards and where you only get very little EXP, to prolong the process as much as possible, while unlocking a Legendary weapon seal on the way. So, I took my sweet time with her.

That Legendary weapon seal was also the last missing piece for her "perfect" weapon:

I know that Legendary doesn't make any real difference in the end due to the damage cap and high attack power you get from the levels. So, it can be a waste to put this on your weapons, but I do it anyway, mostly for the aesthetics and because it doesn't really feel complete without it. You want to break at least one of these seals with every character to show your determination.

And I personally don't know what else I would put on the weapons anyway. I'm not a fan of the Duel or Special category skills, because they are highly situational. "No Healing" is only good in Adventure Mode, but it can be a hindrance whenever you're not bound to A ranks or whenever you want to use the "Heart Strong" skill. "Defenseless" is also bad, if you like the occasional blocking, e.g. against Manhandla. (I wish that "Heart Strong" was actually a skill under the Special category, which makes more sense, because nearly all the Special skills have a downside, while the rest of the Augment skill don't. And the opposite of Heart Strong, Adversity, also falls under the Special category.) "VS Dragon" is pretty nice, but then again it's only useful for missions with the corresponding enemies in it.

And with Bombos active you don't really need the additional damage boost, in fact the new Heart Power skill should be more than enough. The only other must-have is "Hasty Attacks", though not every weapon is actually better with it (depends on how much you rely on certain combos and such). But it's certainly a skill that I enjoy with Cia, especially deploying the C6 quickly for the giant bosses can be crucial.

On a site note, I don't really like the looks of her "Crackling Scepter", because it doesn't go as well with most costumes as the beautiful Scepter of Souls. The latter makes a great combo with her new Koholint costume for example:

The "golden" Crackling Scepter only looks okay with her Master Wind Waker costume, which is also quite nice, but I do prefer the above combo.

Anyway, I won't have to worry about that for a while, because now Cia has to rest and it's the other characters' turns. After I'm done with the majority of characters, I want to play Legend Mode / Free Mode in the "Hero" difficulty, which is where I probably will use Cia for most of the time again. But until then it's good-bye.

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Unknown said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog on Hyrule Warriors Legends and I gotta commend you on your effort and dedication, your impressions of maps alwayd gave me a heads up but never spoiled anything too much.

You're right though, it takes a lot of luck to get perfect weapons, I actually got one for one of my mains, Lana, a Summoning Gate + with 5 stars but only 7 slots, eh, it works and I'm not complaining though. Getting that was a long time coming, I think I got it while playing as Link (other main), with the Power Gloves + only 2 stars though.