Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Last Dual-Elemental Weapons

The final DLC has been released and with its Lorule Map we get the remaining 11 dual-elemental weapons. Let's see, how these do or do not meet our expectations from last time. I've personally haven't unlocked any of them yet, but SmokeRulz has compiled a complete list on GameFAQs:

Okay, out of these 11 I've only anticipated two of them: the Dark Tome and the Light Crossbows. These made sense, unlike some other stuff on the list. The Light and Darkness combo is heavily overpowered, because the majority of the character enemies are weak to either one, and I didn't expect to get this for the main weapons of the Triforce Trio, especially since it feels weird to have them all use their opposing element so directly. I would have given the Water element to the Great Swords ("Swords of the Flood") and the Fire element to both the Hylian Sword and the Rapier. Link could have gotten the Darkness element on some of his other weapons, maybe the Spinner, not sure.

Also, Impa definitely should have gotten the Darkness element. She's the Sage of Shadows after all... And this just seems like a missed opportunity. It also would have helped somewhat with the balance of element combinations, which currently seems completely off:

Why do we need so many Light + Water weapons? Impa's Giant Blade is a great example, where they should have chosen another element instead, because we only have two Dark Water weapons at the end. The devil is in the details with Koei Tecmo, it's weird choices like this that really bug me in the game.

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