Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Update 1.6.0

The A Link Between Worlds Pack got released yesterday worldwide and as usual we got another update with the game. However, it offered a little bit more than usual, so let's take a look. Next to a new fairy there are quite some new Fairy Rental Skills, a new weapon skill, as well as new medals. They also raised the level cap for the final time and they fixed that glitch, where you were unable to enter the center of the Grand Travels Map, if you left without saving after unlocking it.

Here's the new Fairy design for the Darkness element:

Looks good, doesn't it? It's certainly one the prettier designs and I'm glad that I didn't put all too many resources into a Darkness Fairy yet. But unlike the fairies that they added with the versions 1.4 and 1.5 it doesn't come with a new fairy slot and it's also not found on the new Lorule Map. They retroactively put her on the first Adventure Map, where you can find her on square H12 (that's on the southern shoreline) in the Enemy Base.

This also means that there is still a maximum of 14 fairy slots, unless you unlock another one by beating the Lorule Map this time (this remains to be seen). We also haven't gotten an alternative fairy design for the Fire and Lightning elements yet. They might add those in the same way in future updates or they might never happen. We'll see.

In addition to the new fairy they also added several Rental Skills, five of them in the rainbow color tier. There are improved versions of the Material Master, Weapon Master, Special Fountain, Magic Fountain and Extreme Crush skills. I already got the "Magic Fountain+", which you can now use three times per battle. And that's one powerful skill.

To unlock all of this you will need a lot of Fairy Food, but they have adjusted the Food drop rate. They seemingly tripled the amount, so you can get up to three foods in a normal battle and up to six on the Grand Travels Map. The Food+ skill, the Food Drop mixture and the Food Master Rental Skill will also increase the amount. So, collecting lots of food will be much easier now, even if it's at the expense of Material drops.

There's something for the weapon builders as well, because they added the new Heart Power skill. There is a new "HLTH" category for this and it is indeed sealed under 5000 K.O.s - but like with Legendary you don't have to appraise it to know what you're getting, because it's the only skill in that category. It's also easily the most useful skill next to Hasty Attacks, because it increases your damage based on your total amount of Heart Containers (not your actual health, as I previously thought, so you can still combine this with No Healing, if you want to). Now, there's finally a good reason to collect all the Heart Containers for every character, where with the level cap of 255 and the Lorule Map we finally reached the maximum of 60 hearts. So, look out for the 5000 seal! You certainly want this skill on your best weapons.

They also added five new medals, but it's what you would expect. There are the usual three medals for completing the Lorule Map, one for reaching level 255 with a character and one final medal for collecting all other medals. They added the same thing with the Boss Pack DLC on the Wii U and this is a huge indicator that they are done with this game for the most part. I was considering the possibility of a free DLC Adventure Map as a grand finale that comes with a 30th character, but in that case they wouldn't have added this medal yet.

We have yet to get the special offer costumes (Link's Classic Tunic and four My Fairy clothing sets), but they might just retroactively put them somewhere in a future update like they did with the new fairy.

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