Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Future Updates?

The Legends of Hyrule Pack is through and with the A Link Between Worlds DLC Hyrule Warriors - Legends should be completed. But it's still possible that Koei Tecmo will give us additional updates for the game in the future with some content for free.

In the very least there is still some stuff that's not available for everyone yet:

Like with the new Darkness Fairy that got added in version 1.6.0, it's possible that the rest of the fairy goodies also gets added retroactively to the original Adventure Mode Maps. All the fairy rewards don't count towards map completion anyway, so it wouldn't be a big deal, if some of it got added after you've completed the maps. This also goes for fairy clothing. If you've already received them as gifts, they will be simply checked off on the map after the update, like you've gotten them in the mission before.

As for the Classic Tunic, they could just unlock it with the 1.7.0 update - after all that's the same version number, when the Wii U game got this costume for free last year. Or alternatively it could be a reward on the Rewards Map for one of the multiple missions that don't actually hold a reward, e.g. "Chosen by Fate". And there's the possibility that one of the new Zelda amiibo (e.g. 8-Bit Link) does the trick, similar to how the Spinner was unlocked by Link's amiibo in the Wii U version.

(I would also like them to add the Dark Toon Link costume, as well as all his Four Swords colors, while they're at it. I give them points for creativity when it comes to Toon Link's costumes, but that he doesn't have any of his obvious colors is kind of weird.)

Of course it might be that Koei Tecmo will sell these as small content packs like they did with the preorder costumes on the Wii U, but I doubt it. It doesn't hold the same value as the costumes back then, since the additional fairy sets are for the most part just recolors of existing pieces. And the Classic Tunic used to be free DLC on the Wii U, where it would be weird, if they suddenly tried to sell it on the 3DS. Those weren't DLC content packs anyway, all of the preorder / special offer content was already in the base game and received as presents from the Extras menu. And they should stay as that, as gifts.

We will certainly get another SpotPass offering later this month and I suppose that either around that time or around Christmas we will see the 1.7.0 update with some, if not all of the missing contents.

But considering that there are two fairy designs "missing", a fifth Fire Fairy and a fifth Lightning Fairy, they might split it up into two different updates, 1.7.0 and 1.8.0. Throw out some small gifts here and there to keep the game in the news and to keep the player base interested.

There also remains the question of a potential 30th character... But that's for another post.

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