Friday, June 30, 2017

Breath of the Wild: The Master Trials DLC Released

The "The Master Trials" DLC Pack was released exactly 4 hours ago containing the Trial of the Sword, Master Mode, Hero's Path Mode, the Travel Medallion, the Korok Mask and "Misko's Treasure".

On the Wii U downloading the DLC might behave a little weird. After installing it, the game will tell you that you have to perform a System Update first, while there is none. Afterwards it will download and install another small update.

Unlike with the chests in the Purchase Bonus, which got dropped on the Great Plateau, they actually left hints for where to find the new items. It starts with a series of six new EX Side Quests, which are left in your Adventure Log. Those lead you to places with some new journals or books, which then lead you to the new ingame items. So, you don't have to walk all over the world with your Sheikah Sensor+ to find the chests.

They also added a telepathic Sheikah Monk message and another EX Side Quest for the Trial of the Sword, which leads you to the Deku Tree, who explains the whole thing:

So, Nintendo made sure that you won't miss any of the new additions.

As a side note, the Hero's Path Mode also keeps track of "deaths", where you used up a fairy.

Also, from what I have heard, Master Mode does more than just upgrading all enemies and adding floating platforms. There will be tougher enemy placements as well, which is very good news!

(I still have to work today, so I won't be able to check it all out until today's evening. But I will dedicate my whole weekend to the DLC in my new "Master Log" series as a continuation of my Adventure Log.)

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