Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Double Tingle: Balloon Trip of Love and Tingle Pack

Next to the basically most amazing artwork for a game of all times those Famitsu scans show actually two games and not only one. The big game is a sequel to Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and instead of money it will focus on getting women. Awesome. It looks like they got rid of my major complaint of the first game: the bargaining, which is a good thing. Instead of gambling you will hit on women, which seems to work pretty similar to hiring bodyguards in the first game, but with some love cards instead of rupees. No sign of fighting enemies or dungeons, too, maybe the game will be a sole Adventure. But this is all speculation based on the few screenshots.

The second game looks like a minigame collection starring Tingle for DSiWare. It contains a fortune telling minigame, a calculator, a clock, a coin tosser and something where Tingle dances and it will cost 500 Nintendo Points. It was released yesterday in Japan, so we should get more infos soon. But looks like it's finally something worth getting a DSi for. Just kidding, it looks like crab and Nintendo is really overdoing it with those clocks and calculators. Anyway, the Tingle Pack seems to be the best deal, since you get five applications for 500 points, while normally a single application costs 200. If you like Tingle, of course. I'm still waiting for the official Zelda clock and calculator, but Nintendo should start coming up with some new concepts for their DSiWare service.

The titles of the games translate as the following (thanks to our Japanese translators at the Pirateboard):

"Color Changing: Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love"
"Too Good to Be True: Tingle Pack"


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Rupees said...

I highl doubt this...but it's still possible that the new Tingle may be released in America, because many people complain about the first game not being released in America. I hope it gets released in America. If it's too easy, I may even decide to try the first game out.