Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tingle Returns

There were rumors for a while now, that Vanpool is working on a sequel to Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, but no one could be for sure. If you have read my review for Rupeeland, you may have noticed, that I actually liked it. It wasn't a great game and I wouldn't want to compare it with A Link to the Past and alike, but it was definitely something fresh, funny and enjoyable. So, what's the news? Apparently another Tingle game is coming to the Nintendo DS system. The advertising simply shows Tingle flying with a balloon and with something in his hands, I can't really identify (probably a bomb). The text asks "Fairy?". No, that's definitely not a fairy, but it's definitely going to be some fun.

The question is, is this really a sequel to Rupeeland developed by Vanpool or a new Balloon Fight with Tingle as the main character again (like for example as a small application on DSiWare)? The former would have something to do with Zelda, the latter not really. I don't consider Tingle's Balloon Fight to be a real spin-off of the Zelda series. It's the newest installment of the Balloon Fight series featuring characters from the Zelda series. Like Super Smash Bros. does feature characters from Zelda, but still is not considered to be a Zelda spin-off. Okay, this comparison is obviously lacking, but the point is, Balloon Fight is Balloon Fight and not Zelda in any way. Rupeeland did feature the typical Action Adventure mechanics, which a Zelda game should have and which made this game interesting for Zelda fans. If they get rid of the stupid bargaining system the game has at least the chance to be a small light in the shadow of Spirit Tracks.

Source: NintendoLife

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