Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spirit Tracks at E3 2009

New Artwork:

New Trailer:

What I love about this trailer is the whip. Link is doing the Indiana Jones now? But it seems like it will replace the Grappling Hook, because the use is pretty similar, except for the cool fact, that you can use this item as a weapon. And the train boss battle does look awesome, too. It reminds on the second official Twilight Princess trailer, where Link ran away from a giant spider, which got cut out in the later game. There's a demo playable at the E3, so stay tuned for more Spirit Tracks information. They also showed us their first Spirit Tracks artwork (see the picture above), the train definitely looks "badass" and it looks like your Phantom buddy does play a more important role, even storywise.

Also, Miyamoto is at the E3 and in a press roundtable he gave us more information about Spirit Tracks and first information about Zelda Wii. Spirit Tracks will feature four-person multiplayer. Since it's developed by the team, which made Four Swords Adventures, I'm hoping for some new Four Swords style action here, maybe even randomly generated dungeons like in the original Four Swords on the GameBoy Advance. But a small battle mode would be fine too, as long as they give us some fighting and no hide and seek game like in Phantom Hourglass, which wasn't too much fun. About Zelda Wii, more on that later as soon as someone posts the official artwork presented by Miyamoto.

Miyamoto stated about the multiplayer, that it will be like a tag game and it will be indeed more like Four Swords, but there won't be any swords used. Huh. I guess, we will get either something in the style of Navi Trackers (or "Tetra's Trackers"), where you didn't have any swords but lots of other items, or something similar to the multiplayer mode from Phantom Hourglass. Maybe every player controls both a Link and a Phantom and your goal is to be the last man standing.

And please give us a stage builder! Unlike in Super Smash Bros Brawl selfmade stages can't be too far behind original stages in terms of quality, because everything already is very simple. Imagine putting a small Zelda world together, placing a tree here, a rock there. Or a maze like dungeon environment with some fire traps. Wouldn't that be nice? Also, this would be a DSi exclusive feature, because you need a SD card to save the stages, and we all know, that Nintendo likes those small system-exclusive features to push their sales a little. Though the DSi doesn't need to be pushed, it goes like hot cakes, but there's still no real reason for a Zelda fan to get a DSi.


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