Friday, June 12, 2009

Tingle Teaser online

There is a teaser site for the new Tingle DS game online and it confirms, that the new Tingle game will be a sequel to Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. It features music from the game (just listening to it makes me wanna play it right now) and one of the characters (Chiko's mum) as a fortune teller. Besides that it just tells you to stay tuned for more updates. I will do that and I'm officially excited. If the game doesn't make the same mistakes as the first one (please remove or at least improve the bargaining, pleeeaaase), then it's going to be fun and I will definitely get it.

The site, however, uses fortune telling and tarot cards as an important element. I can see, that this will end up as an important element in the game as well, mixing and picking the cards with your stylus. But what functions this fortune telling system is yet unknown, maybe it even helps you with the bargaining problem.

Link: Teaser Site

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