Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too Good to Be True: Tingle Pack

This collection of DSiWare fun applications starring Tingle was released yesterday for the Japanese DSiWare system. It contains five different "minigames":
  • Fortune Telling
  • Tingle Timer
  • Tingle Calculator
  • Tingle Marionette
  • Tingle Coin Tosser

The pack will cost 500 Nintendo points. Considering that a single application like the Animal Crossing clock or the Mario calculator normally costs 200 points, this is isn't actually too expensive. But if this is worth getting, definitely depends on if you can stand Tingle or not and if you like those silly DSiWare applications. The calculator seems to focus on currency translation, based on Tingle's love for rupees. How many rupees are hundred dollars, hm? The marionette game uses your photographs from the DSi camera as a background, but seems to be pretty useless besides that. The only fun thing might be the fortune telling with the tarot cards and Chiko's mum.

However, we got Animal Crossing and Mario clocks and calcalutors and I'm still waiting for a Zelda version, but isn't the DSiWare system capable of more? Of course for Nintendo it's an experimental platform for marketing tests and all those applications are probably a defensive move against the iPhone, but an actual game from time to time won't hurt, or does it? Tingle's Balloon Fight on DSiWare for example would have been nice, since it's probably one of the rarest Nintendo DS games out there. That's something worth spending Nintendo Points on. But I'm not even remotely sure, if the Tingle Pack will make it to Europe. If it does, I probably just get it, because they had the courage of releasing this here (if I got a Nintendo DSi in the meantime, of course). The US won't see this anyway, because they voted for Tingle hate. It's not really a loss, but the new Tingle game Color Changing: Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love might be.


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